Monday, July 20, 2015

Apartment Therapy

Never has the saying, "Home is wherever I am with you," had more significance.  No, North Dakota is not our home.  Our home is being together.  But while were together, we do have a chance to make  this cute little apartment just as warm & cozy as we'd like it to be!  
It was definitely a man you can see;)  Mismatched chairs, Christmas tree in July, clothes packed in trash bags.  It cracks me up looking at these pictures! 

The week we left North Carolina, I felt so rushed & emotionally drained.  What energy I had was spent on seeing family, working at our booth for the Mustard Seed, & packing late at night when I could.  We got to a point where we just had to close the Uhaul door & plan to store the rest at my mom's house.  That killed me.  I also wanted to clean the house, but sometimes...there are things you just have to let go (especially when you have a baby to think of).  I'm kind of learning the same thing here as I am unpacking everything!

I want Cam to feel as secure coming here as he did back at our house in North Carolina.  It always made me tickled to hear him say, "I wanna go to Mommy's house," because. well, he should love to be home!  Some of my best childhood memories were made in my childhood home & I want nothing less for my babies.  So, here are a few inspirational pictures and dream boards as I nest away the next couple of weeks;)  I'm thinking a lot of white to brighten the space with accents of black & bright colors from things I have collected from our home in NC. 

We are also going to be tossing the diapers and pull-ups during the day & sliding on these cutie patooties.  We are getting nowhere with attempting potty training with assistance from the old faithfuls.  But, can I just say, I never realized how cute little boy underwear could be!  They are stinking adorable.  Crossing my fingers for better results with these!  Surely Ninja Turtles, "Wobble Dobble" (Paw Patrol), & chocolate will motivate that little stinker into taking action (especially before little brother comes!;)

Chelley N said...

I can't wait to see what you do with the space! Good luck with the potty training. Little boy undies are just adorbs!

Cassidy Adams said...

Thank you Chelley! I think it will be a fun challenge;) I need all the luck I can get!