Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Summer Roadtrip: Day 1

It's been a while since I last posted & so much has happened!  I'll just pick up with the present time & talk about our fourth maybe this weekend.  Where to start?  I picked up a map to journal all about our trip & I'd like to frame it & continue to map out any other road trips we attempt...but we will see!  We left our hometown around 8:30 am Tuesday morning heading out on our 30 hour road trip.  Yeah.  30 hours.  With a toddler, pregnant girl, & 50+lbs of Golden Doodle.  We are crazy people.
Our first stop was Chick-fil-a in Tennessee, a very familiar place to us.  Within the first 30 seconds of our stop, Honor (or you may often hear us refer to her as "Ony") lunged out of the 4Runner & onto a grassy median with oncoming traffic inches away.  Heart attack #1...check!  Maybe she just needed to go to the bathroom or perhaps it was a last resort to the backseat shenanigans that involved Cam using her head as a carpenters bench.  We may never know.

Not to much further down the road, I guess Cam decided he needed to give Ony a pep talk.  "I love you, Ony.  Ony, don't be shy!"  On a little side note, he rarely dishes out the ily...usually it's a "you" or "so much," but yes, he will totally blurt it out for his Ony dog.  I guess she kind of deserves it since she's such a great sport...Cuteness overload.
READER DISCRETION ADVISED: this is gross!  My favorite moment so far, was not pretty at the time, but it is one for the books!  It's safe to say, potty training has been put on hold until this trip is over.  Everytime we go into a bathroom, Cam persistently insists "No mommy, I not poop!"  Well this one particular stop in Ina, Illinois, was a little different.  We had smelled the need to stop as he snoozed away going down the interstate.  Cade toted him into the gas station for me & quickly passed him over to me once we made it to the restrooms.  I side hipped him & trudged into the bathroom not having a clue what we were in for.
As I sat him down inside the stall, I looked down in terror as I realized the poop had coated my entire arm (watch included).  I somehow used my go go gadget arm to try & one hand a zipper to get the wipes out of the bag all why Cam continued his defense that he "didn't poop."  After I cleaned my arm the best I could, I decided it was time to tackle Cam.  I ended up having to strip him down to his new diaper & carry him out of the bathroom to get a new change of clothes.  Of course, I walked out to find a line of people staring at me with a half nude toddler & my shirt pushed up over my whale of a baby bump.  I guess I can be thankful for that, because as I realized & scrambled to get it down, Cade pointed out I had poop all over my shirt...

At one point during the repetitive cycle of "I not poop, mommy!" I couldn't help but breakdown in laughter & say, "Cam!  YES, YOU DID!  Look!"  He grinned & pointed his finger at the diaper bag, "Look mommy!  I poop on mommy's bag!"  Ahhhh, confession at it's finest.
We are currently cruising down the exciting interstates of Iowa (while Ony creeps behind my head & Cam snoozes) with a goal of ending up in South Dakota tonight.  My heart hurts a lot thinking about our goodbyes Monday night but I know they are only temporary & that God will take care of us & bring us all back together soon.  In fact, one day I have a feeling we will look back on this time & be able to laugh at our memories of this time.  The adventure continues...until then,