Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Summer Road Trip: Day 3 & The Weekend

I am still trying to settle in & rest from last week.  Between moving, the travel, living from post to post, & trying to launch a business/website over the weekend, I'm about one screw short!  But we are here!  It's been an emotional week for all of us but we are looking up & trusting God's plan.

We arrived in Williston, ND late Thursday night.  Enough time to crawl in the bed & try to sleep even though it is daylight outside!  Yep, it doesn't get dark here until about 11pm.  Cam is enjoying that because his bedtime has become non-existent since we lose track of time...little stinker!
Friday, Saturday, & Sunday were much like a vacation to us except we kind of felt like we were living out of our car since we were unable to get in our apartment until Sunday night.  Cade gave us a tour of the town, we ate out way too much, the boys got new haircuts, Cam & I had our first golf trip & we spent most of our time at what I'd like to think of as the gem of the  It's a little place called the ARC (Area Recreation Center).

The ARC has an two indoor playground, one of which is in a kiddie pool.  Lazy river?  You got it.  Huge water slides?   Check!  Hot tubs.  Indoor surfing (fascinating to one particular little boy).  It really is amazing...and that is just the pool park portion.  You can pretty much find any sport or activity imaginable.  We went ahead & got a membership so I am pretty excited to have that available about two miles from our apartment:)

As it's Wednesday now, & I've been working on this post since Monday, we are slowly working on a schedule to fall into.  Most days this week have been spent at our playground right beside the apartment & working on our website that launched Monday...check it out!  
I just finished adding all our appliqué pieces yesterday (despite the fact that we have no iron in sight in this apartment...cringe!)  Sorry for the wrinkles, iron to be purchased soon!  If you don't already, follow us on social media outlets that can be found on our website...Grand opening promotions coming soon:)

Sunday we had to take our Uhaul back to Minot, ND.  Thats right, hometown of Josh Duhmal.  Okay, maybe I'm the only one that knows that, but the Mr. humors me.  He took me to Minot State University which is where Mr. Duhmal played quarterback for the Beavers.  
We also squeezed in a trip to the zoo & air museum while we were there, which Cam was ecstatic about.  He was all about animals, choochoos, & planes that day.  How cool is it that he is obsessed with "Planes" & "Dusty the Crop Duster" right now, & he was able to see "the real Dusty" in action all the two hour drive to Minot long;) #happycamper

We still haven't got to move our things into the apartment, but we are staying there.  Cam & I are pretty much living out of our suitcases & constant laundry cycles until then...PJ's & sweat clothes all day every day.  I hope you all are having a great week!  ;)