Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Style Finder: On The Go Summer Maternity

I haven't done a Style Finder post since oh, last September maybe?  Lol.  But they are so fun, and it's especially fun when your pregnant because it is challenging.  I love the challenge of how to dress an ever-growing baby bump.  I also love that with browsing inspiration on pinterest you can pretty much come up with endless amounts of ideas as to what to do with all of those "I have nothing to wear" pieces you keep stored up in your closet!

And that brings us to a piece I have hunted all summer.  The denim vest.  Ahhhh, the denim vest.  Not that I could button it up at this point or anything...I have looked all summer for one that suits "me."  I don't want fringy sleeves, rhinestone/stud details, or a super acidy wash...just a classic, reasonably priced classic denim vest.  I have yet to find one that I am crazy about!  Kinda crazy that's so hard to find, right?  So, being that I'm in North Dakota and the breeze is picking up a bit (try 50 - 60mph)...I decided to just use one of my long sleeve denim shirts to do the job.  
I am pretty sure Kristen Cavallari makes up 99.9% of my Maternity board on Pinterest because she dresses absolutely adorable.  I love every outfit she goes out in when she is pregnant.  And I 'm pretty sure she's pregnant again?  Bring on the cute outfits!  This particular look is one of my favorite on the go looks from her.  Maybe it's just because I had a similar skirt & it's hard to beat a maxi skirt any day of the week;)  I got my skirt on sale last summer at JCPennys for like $10...score!  I don't think it is still there, but there are tons of options out there!  Here is a similar.  You can't go wrong with black & white stripes-they are kind of like polka dots ;)<3
Happy Tuesday, everyone!