Thursday, July 9, 2015

Summer Roadtrip: Day 2

Yesterday, we started out in Columbia, MO.  We decided to eat a slow breakfast at the Cracker Barrel since it was coming a torrential downpour in hopes it would slack off before we starting traveling for the day.  You can imagine dragging a two year old through the general store entrance, "I need toys, mommy!  I need toys, daddy!"  Maybe not such a good idea after all...
Cam has this weird obsession with hot dogs.  To my knowledge, the kid had never tried hotdogs before until last week.  I don't know if it's the Mickey Mouse song or if he just thinks they look good, but he talks about them all the time.  "Hot dogs" & "forty dollars" are his coined lines when he has nothing else to say.  Lo & behold he started getting really excited about something out the window.  Cade & I looked, didn't see anything but acknowledged his excitement & agreed whatever he had seen was very cool.  Not a minute later, we spotted what he had seen.  A huge Oscar Meyer weiner mobile pulled out at the stop light across the street.  Cam's trip was made.
A few other honorable mentions: Cam is learning to master saying "You got it, dude!" #cutestthingever.  He does very strange & random things sometimes.  I do not know what is going through that little mind of his or where he seen/heard such things, but he is an interesting little character.  I mean, why wouldn't you just pour your fruit cup out in your lap while going down the road?  When you ask what he wants for a meal he always responds with, "I won appa juice."  He spontaneously introduced himself to two little twin girls at a Burger King playground with, "Hi!  I Cam!"  He has loved every time we cross a bridge or see a "choo choo train."  He says, "Look mommy!  I won try again, mommy!"  He also insists he wants to jump (quite the exaggerator as he has to be pulled off the diving board;).  And he randomly roars at the top of his lungs & grins.  He can also be found swiping bread & sticking butter up his nose during dinner.

Every evening before we turn in for the night, we let him jump on the bed to get his energy out.  We may regret it one day, but it sure does the trick!  He loves it.  I do have to take a break from playing every now & then though because he can tire someone out quick playing!  Last night during my break he ran over & without missing a beat said, "What's the problem, mommy?  Cade & I both looked at each other to see if we both heard what we thought we heard.  Sure enough...he kept saying it every time we stopped playing.  SO.  FUNNY.
He often asks where we are at & he always attempts to say the places name in the cutest little voice possible.  It rained almost the entire day, hard.  This girl is very thankful to the Lord for traveling safety!  I know everyone has been praying & we appreciate it so much.  Cam has been a true trooper during this whole trip & I couldn't have asked for a better time (even though I am definitely getting sore & feeling the trip at this point & Ony refuses to use the bathroom).  If we can pull one more day of it, we will have it behind us!
Happy Friday Eve:)