Monday, December 3, 2012

Tis' The Season To Be Festive...

I can't help but love this trend.  Yes, I am sure it will be one we will look back on in a couple of years and wonder WHAT we were thinking...but right now: I LOVE IT!  It just gives this Christmas lover an excuse to not only be festive in our home, but in what I wear too! Now to just find one I like AND that is cheap...I guess Lauren Conrad's $325 choice is out of the question (though it's my favorite!)

I also love this Reindeer ring from Etsy!  VERY Festive;)

This looks like a great coffee table book for laughs
during the Holiday Season...

Ugly Sweater Party Invitations - Printable Digital File
And while your at it, why not just plan a party?
Love these cute invites from Etsy.

Happy Monday Everyone!