Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Baby's First Best Friend

Penny and Baby A already have a special relationship...  She is a magnet to my belly!  She lays on it any chance she gets, and if she can't lay on top of it or beside it, she lays her head on it.  Gotta love her;)  Let's just hope she is as endearing when he gets here!

Yes that's my belly too...(pink)

And here is my 25 Day of Christmas Photo Challenge: Day 11...#ornament

This was the first ornament I ever bought for our tree...and that was 4 years ago!  The owl obsession is still something I am dealing with.
Have a great day!

Chelsea V. said...

Aw that is SO cute!!! My youngest CKCS is the same way. He wants to put his head on my belly or lay right next to it constantly! It's super cute but I am also hoping that he is as welcoming when the baby gets here. I have a feeling he's going to wonder why he's not being coddled and pet every 5 minutes anymore but hopefully him and the baby make a pair and become close buddies :)

cassidy adams said...

I really think there is something to it! I am the same way...I think it will take some adjusting but I hope they are buddies:)