Thursday, December 13, 2012

6 Months: 24 Weeks

This is Week #:  24 Weeks (6 months!)
Total Weight Gain:  8 lbs
What I am wearing:  Thanking my lucky stars that I am pregnant during the winter months…I love the clothes I get to wear while pregnantJ  Scarves, leggings, boots, big sweaters…
Favorite accessory/piece of clothing:  Hmmm...UGG house shoes now that I am home for break! Hehe;)
Body woes:  my back is really starting to feel the pain…really feel it when I lay down or sit for long periods of time.
Best part of week:  I am officially on Christmas Break, Have a Doctors Appt. Friday, AND celebrating the anniversary in Knoxville…lets just say I am on “Cloud 9!” 
Feel anything in there?  Pretty sure he loves Christmas music…maybe that’s exactly why he started moving so much…hmmmm food for thought;)
Gives me the Creeps:  Much to my sadness (but it is def okay because I am out of school!) I just can’t take but a few sips of coffee…have a feeling I won’t be drinking this at all before long.
I miss:  situps…never thought I’d say that but its true!
Zzzzz Pattern:  Actually, besides my frequent visits with the bathroom, I have gotten some okay sleep lately.
Gender:  Little ManJ
Belly Button Metamorphasis:  Officially poppedJ  lol very funny
I’m Craving:  UMMM turkey?  I bought a whole turkey this week to have it on hand for sandwiches and just quick snacks…The Mr. thinks I have lost it.
Working Out Regimen:  Two so far…I have a feeling I need to take it easy right now.
Mood (s):  I think I am happy…especially since school is over!
I can’t wait for:  3rd Anniversary;) = Dec. 12, Doctors Appointment on 14th, and Christmas! 

This week Baby A is the size of:
A Chicago Hotdog

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