Wednesday, December 12, 2012

3 Years...

I don't know where time goes.  I can't believe today is our THIRD Anniversary (AND we have been together for about 9 years).  Man that makes me feel OLD!  Seems like just yesterday our house was being built, we were planning the wedding, and I was dreaming of the day I would be finished with Grad School and get to start our own little family.  Jump forward three years and...not exactly perfectly how I planned it, but all of those dreams are coming true and God has blessed us sooooooo much beyond what we deserve.  

MUSHY ALERT**  I am so blessed to have this special boy in my life.

Here is a look at our years together...

First Anniversary (above): Atlanta Fish Market (the traditional anniversary date for us)

Second Anniversary: Hubby was in Pennsylvania and we didn't get to see each other:/  Very sad day!

Third Anniversary: We are celebrating in Knoxville this weekend:)  AND going to the baby doc...can't wait to see how much our little guy has grown!  Last anniversary as a "childless married couple": definitely a milestone.


December will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart.
Happy December 12th:)

Chelsea V. said...

Aw this is really cute! Your wedding pics are beautiful!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Cassidy,
Happy 3rd Anniversary, so glad yall get to be together and to do something special to celebrate!
Love all your pics, so pretty, you were a breathtakingly beautiful bride, course, you are still breathtakingly beautiful as a mommy to be as well..............

My daughter and her hubby have a pic similiar to yours where he is holding her up on the beach, that had a big pic made and framed it for their bedroom. So lovely.

Also loved the snoopy bride and groom, how adorable is that...........

thanks for coming by and glad you liked the nursery, we are getting her some wall art things for Either
Christmas or for the shower, haven't decided yet, but think we may do it for Christmas, so she will have another thing done. Someone gave them a really nice glider rocker, and her parents are getting the dresser, but she isn't giving it to her until January.
Her shower is the end of January.
Am hoping her last trimester will really be good, cause she has been very tired and not feeling the worst but not the greatest either.
I feel so bad for her as my pregnancies were great most of the time, and I think that must be hard to not feel great................
HOpe you are feeling really well,
you appear to be anyway.

Oh yea, and your hubby is real cute too, looks like a sweet guy to me.
I didn't know he was a policeman.
Thank him for all he does to serve
our country.

Christmas Blessings sweetie,