Thursday, December 6, 2012

25 Days of Christmas Photo Challenge Day 6: Tree


Ahhhh the tree:)  She's FOUR years old this year...hard to believe.  
This coming December 26th it will be four years since I drug my husband to Target to snag a beautiful tree for a good more reasonable price.  What a fun memory:)  He thought I was crazy but I don't regret it AT ALL.  I wanted to set up her up that night!  Needless to say I waited and have enjoyed putting her up for three years now:)  She is very special and all the things that decorate her are as well... all the ornaments are collected from every place that we visit/or events that happen in our life.  

But the most important thing about her?  

She represents the "tree" that Jesus died on to pay for our sins.  The decorations stand for the blood that he shed for us, and because of that decorated cross-we can become children of God:)  Her triangle shape represents the trinity: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost.  Her pointed top points toward God showing us that he is the reason for the season and the answer to everything in life.  The evergreen stands for eternity and her green color represents life.  Her needles grow upward like hands praising God, and her lights remind us of our home in heaven.  The gifts we place under her stand for charity and love-the most important things to share in life.
All of these things give me all the more reason to love her more:)
Happy 6th Day of Christmas!