Friday, December 28, 2012

Baby Madness

Baby A may still be "baking", but he already had enough Christmas gifts under the tree this year to pass as an official first visit from the man in red himself.  I think it comes from all of the excitement of knowing that he is on the way...this is the first baby in our family (immediate family) for 17 years - so...I guess you could say we have all went a little crazy.  While the Mr. and I have only bought two outfits (and a couple of things for his room), our families...well, they have been VERY generous to Baby A - especially during Christmas.  So I thought I'd take the opportunity to share a few of his cutest gifts, while practicing my photography skills with the new camera ;)

The Mr. says he is wearing the Panther jersey home...but I am thinking something from this Christmas collection would be perfect!  Think I can get away with a Christmas baby in March?

The Mr. is NOT happy...but his sister in law thinks different!
GOOO Vols:)

Beautiful PRECIOUS Blanket from my Nana & Papa for Baby A...
Bible verse quilt

Favorite Verses from the Blanket

Look out Mason Disick
A new stylish baby boy is coming on to the scene ;P

Happy Friday Everyone!

Chelsea V. said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE all the Christmas stuff you got for him! So cute, he is going to be super stylish!

cassidy adams said...

Thank you! We do too, it makes it that much more exciting to have things for him;)