Saturday, December 1, 2012

25 Days of Christmas Photo Challenge

 I have decided to join a photo challenge...since this time of year is about making special memories with friends, family, and loved ones (and I can be really bad about taking pictures), I am going to try and capture all those special moments with a photo challenge.  Starting December 1st and going all the way through December 25th Rebekah Tosh Photography will be hosting a Christmas Photo Challenge. 

  • This is open to anyone that wants to participate! You do NOT have to be a photographer. All you need to be is excited about capturing this holiday season and have something to look back on throughout the year. 
  • This is not so much a challenge as it is a way to inspire you to capture all your holiday memories with friends and family. If you forget a day or two that's ok! 
  • You can take photos anyway you want. Feel free to use your phone or digital camera. Anything goes when capturing your memories!
  • Feel free to post your pictures using Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest. Use the Hashtag #RTPhotochallenge. You can also post your pictures on Facebook. Make sure you tag Rebekah Tosh Photography in your post or post them to her page.
  • You can also blog about this Photo Challenge. Leave her a comment so she can check out your photos. 
  • Most of all HAVE FUN! 

Heeeeerrrrreeee Gooooeeeessss!

December 1: Lights

Yes, that's our little Penny under the lights:)