Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Run Down

The LAST weekend of September.
Can you believe this month has already come and gone?
I am having a hard time realizing just how fast time is passing!
But I am very excited for what October will bring.
Man how blessed are we to see another beautiful month? :)
Since we are talking October,
I have to tell you...
I am soooooo beside myself excited for Cam's first Halloween!
(I know you had no clue...)
I ordered his little costume this weekend!

So excited in fact...
I kinda kicked off my decorate Cam mode this weekend...

Ya know, things like festive baby booty.

Halloween costumes everyday.

Poor kid doesn't stand a chance with a festive mommy freak.

So...Friday evening, we had revival.  

Cam and I had to scoot early because, well...
he kind of goes into panic "I need to be home in the bed right now" mode and nobody is happy until he is nice and cozy snoozing with a cover over his head.
(In which I monitor and remove as soon as he is asleep!  Scouts honor! lol)
However, I have definitely been so encouraged this week.  
Sometimes you just need a little reminder as to your purpose and priorities in life...

Saturday, we had a great day out with Lolli, C, Lindsey, and Loxley.

And my poor highlighted haystack head had a little much needed TLC...

Buh bye ponytails and buns, hello sleek styled hair!
I feel so much better...
and it was so nice to leave town and have some good girl talk 
and laughs with some of my favorite girls and little man of course!

I think I am convincing Cam that shopping can be fun...

Screams, squeals, thrown toys and puffs...

Atlanta may never be the same after Loxley and Cam;)

Sunday ended this perfect fall-ish weekend with
a wonderful church service, family football time with some white chicken chili, blankets, and a Mommy's Prayer meeting!

Of course my sweet Cam sported another tie...
I'm a little obsessed.

{Crochet Hat & Tie, Similar}

He is just such a little ham!

And he finally fit in the first purchase mommy and daddy made for him (and our pregnancy announcement...)


My heart has literally beat out of my chest a couple of times this weekend at the thought of the beautiful blessings God has given me.
I am forever indebted.
Happy Monday ladies!

Count every blessing.