Monday, September 16, 2013

Anatomy of My Diaper Bag

I'm not strong enough to post about our weekend, so instead...
here is a post I've been working on for a while now.

As a new mom, I am constantly researching for any new baby items I am considering purchasing via blogs, my mommy friends, product reviews, and articles.
I do my research to learn what I need in this new CRAZY adventure of raising a baby...
so I kind of feel like I owe it to others just like me...
 the new mommy's to be who don't know where to start.

So NOW...
What is the anatomy of MY diaper bag?
1.  Blanket, Blanket, Blanket!  When your out, chances are...your baby is going to take a nap.  We all need blankets for a nap, right?  AND it never hurts to have a blanket around at all times-public places can double as igloo's!  After our baby days are over I may or may not stash one in my purse!;)  
Tip:  lightweight blankets obviously take up less space

2.  Fresh Change of clothes:  In my experience, at least bring two outfits/onesies along.  Sometimes your mommy brain will forget, but when it is fresh and rested-check up and refresh your stash!

3.  Scented Diaper Disposable Bags: These are SO handy!  When Cam has dirty diapers out in public, I can tie them up in these babies and no one will ever smell a trace of the dirty crime just committed.  

4.  Hand santitizer:  perfect when you are far away from a me it happens!

5. Diapers, wipes, changing pad:  This is the obvious one...but let me tell forget.  Diapers and wipes often have a "Houdini effect" and can disappear right before your very eyes!  

6.  PACIFIER!  Okay, if your baby likes passy's, DO NOT--I REPEAT DOOOO NOOOTT leave the house without one!  No one will be happy!  hahaha:)  But really...Cam love's his MAM passies!  If you are a practical mommy: you will use a clip...but I find them evasive and annoying 90% of the time (other than the cute ones Aunt KK recently got Cam from etsy...they are soft and comfortable for him to wear!)  but other than that I do it the hard, clip-free way and tend to just keep the passy wipes handy!

7.  Baby food, Bottles, Bibs, and Spoons:  We are in the early stages of feeding, so baby food isn't a consistent traveler in our diaper bag.  I am making Cam's food myself with the Baby Bullet, so...fresh baby food requires an ice pack and lunch tote (along with breast milk).  Given that he only eats twice a day...we haven't had to experiment with this much but when we do-I'll be sure to keep you informed.  I forsee that becoming a large part of our diaper bag in the near future!

Bottles haven't been a staple either since I am the food source, however when he stay's with someone or we go on a trip I definitely pack one!  I also like to keep water with us too...when I remember:/

8.  Nursing Cover:  My friend gave me a handmade nursing cover that I adore.  And you better believe Cam knows what time it is when I drag it out of the diaper bag.  Great for when you are in a bind and have to feed with people around.

9.  A toy:  Cam's staple toy is a Snoopy doll the MR. and I got him when he was first born.  I think Snoopy now has some of the scents of home and is somewhat of a comfort to him when we are out and about.  He loves to stick Snoop in his face and doze off for a nap.  I'm quite partial to snoopy because I had one as well <guilty>

10.  Burp clothes:  These have been great from day one.  Slobber, spit up, and drool come quite often, and mostly UNEXPECTED.  So having one of these close by is always a lifesaver.  However, I predict if Kate Middleton is seen with signature spit up on her shoulder we may all ditch the burp clothes and go au naturale with Kate!  Who knows??

11.  Teethers: Okay, Cam is currently five months old and he wants to put EVERYTHING in his mouth!!  I have to say...without teethers listed as a travel companion we may have some foreign objects stuck in his gummy grin.  We love the Sophie giraffe teethers!

I can't stress enough to new mommy's to take advice, suggestions, and reviews into consideration...but go with YOUR best instinct and what you know your baby will need in his diaper bag.

You are going to know your baby better than anyone!
Different things are going to work for you.
No one has all the answers and no certain item is absolutely essential for every baby.
It never hurts to know your stuff 
and how certain products have worked for other mommy & baby duos;)
Eeessppecially when you have no clue where to start!

This is just what works for me & my little one...