Friday, September 27, 2013

Happy Half Birthday!

6 months.
Yes I said it.
My baby is 6 MONTHS OLD!
I know everyone has told me to enjoy this time, because it goes by so fast...
but HALF OF A YEAR...ALREADY...gone?? 
Doesn't seem possible to me!
Especially looking back at blog posts from last year 
when I just began blogging about our new little adventure...

So here it is you guys...
Half a year with our Camster!

A Few Of My Favorite Things:  My snoopy, blankets in my face, my MAM passy's, holding things, teething gel, being tossed around, seeing little kiddos like me!

Not so favorite...getting my face wiped, sleeping (yes we are back to that agian), riding without a buddy, when you quit feeding me!

Milestones: I am sitting up!  Took my 1st big boy bath!  1st new puppy, 1st raspberry, 1st time sleeping away from mommy and daddy for 1/2 the night, 1st juice, 1st taste of "Puffs."

My face: Chubby cheeks, BIG blue eyes, long eyelashes, and did I say I love to blow raspberries??  Well, I do!  

Playing make believe with Loxley!

My hair:  Getting thicker by the day!  Mommy loves to spike it:)
My hands:  Always busy searching for the next teething toy.  Anything will do!  Toothpaste...Mom's fresh flowers...chip bags...fingers!  

My feet:  I show emotion through my feet...I kick them when I'm name it!  Watch out!  They are pretty strong and powerful!  I also like to hop up and down in your lap!

Watch him grow!

Music: Raffi (yes the 1970s Raffi childrens music-we love it!), "Ho Hey," I'm slowly trying to spark his interest in Christmas music;)
Best Part of Month(s):  Watching our baby grow up healthy and happy...I wonder sometimes why God blessed me with being a mommy...I think this was the job I was put here to do!

Worst Part of Month:  Penn:/

My favorite products: Snoopy, Raffi music, Boppy, Baby Bullet, Etsy's velcro ties, Baby Converse, organic baby blankets

& Cam