Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Penny Noel Adams
August 7, 2009-September 14, 2013

Never in my wildest dreams did I think a post 
such as this was coming.
Especially after just losing Zack.
I am really at a loss of words with a broken heart.
We lost such a huge part of our family Sunday morning.

Last October

We never left home without her.
She was THE furry member of our family.
If you seen Cade and Cassidy coming (and now Cam), 
you knew she was tagging along...

She has been with us every step of our marriage.
She made us laugh when we were mad.
Curled up in our laps when we were sad.
Pranced around like a bunny when she was happy and excited.
She greeted us at the door, every day after work or school shaking all over...
excited to death just to see us.

She traveled every where with us.
Baby doctor appointments.
Trips to Pennsylvania, Maryland, Tennessee, Georgia, Flordia...
anywhere we went she went too.

Christmas 2012

She could play hide and seek.
Take running fits around the house,
and made her own little cave under our bed.
She kept Cade and I entertained for countless hours when we really
couldn't afford a date night.

She slept under our covers every night.
Yes she barked ALL the time...
But the past few days I would give a lot just to hear it again.
Just to hear a scratch on the bathroom door letting me know she wanted in.
Or to see her standing at her water bowl to cue a fresh cup.

It might seem silly to you that I feel this way.
And you have every right to have that opinion.

However...I like to think
 God gave us our furry companions us for a reason.
As an example...
Of unconditional love.
The same that he has for us...
maybe that is why I love my puppies so much.

Penny... you left paw prints on my heart that will always set the standards high for our future furry family.  I wish we could have had longer with you, but I know everything happens for a reason- and am thankful for the time we had together.  
You gave us so much love and many fun memories that will never be forgotten.  
You will live in our hearts forever.

In honor of Penn's life...
I have to end this post on a happy note.
All circumstances of the past few months set aside...
I am so thankful for my beautiful, healthy, baby boy. 
 He has been the ray of sunshine I have needed this year for SO many reasons.
And for that very reason, I am SO incredibly blessed beyond what I deserve.

Samantha Hernandez said...

love you sweet lady. I can't imagine what you're feeling through your loss. You treat and love your animals as family, hugs to you guys!