Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Weekend Rundown

Bye Bye Summer, Hello Fall!
And I for one, am NOT sorry to say that:)
This is my second favorite time of it definitely called for a celebration over the weekend...did you do anything special?

The Mr. had a Friday night football date with a coworker friend, was busy Friday night
so Cam and I joined Lolli and Pop for a nice evening celebrating the last summer cookout...

We had Crab legs, Grilled chicken, and Steak, with garden veggies and homemade Japanese white sauce...perfect way to kick off this first fall weekend!

Saturday, the only football I watched sat in my shopping cart!

{Hat} {Cart Cover, Handmade}

We hit the road for the J.Crew manufacturer's sale in Asheville, NC!
Much to my disappointment...the line was ridiculous and it was pouring the rain.
No place for this mommy and baby!
So we opted to go to the "regular" (no sale mind you) J.Crew.
No shopping for mommy and baby here either!
And I was so excited to see what "Crew Cuts" might have for Cambino:/

Mirrors: endless entertainment for this little one!

Don't cry yet...
 Fall actually threw up in William Sonoma, so needless to say...
I was in heaven!!  J.Crew who?
I am trying to coax the hubs into budgeting in a few of these beauts!

I don't even have to tell you how excited we were for Target or Home Goods either...
I mean...pinch me I was in pumpkin paradise!

We scored a couple new fall home/baby 
decorations to add to the autumn festiveness at home;)

AND I can't leave out that I ventured outside of my comfort zone of Skinny Vanilla Lattes, had my first Pumpkin Spiced Latte to set the mood for the first week of fall.
No regrets here... it was YUM.  MMIE.

And Sunday...
It was Happy Half a Year to my Baby Cam and the first day of FALL!
Nothing could be sweeter:)

{Tie} {Jeans} {Shirt}

I seen this earlier in the week and wanted to share...
"...the secret to "doing it all" is not necessarily doing it all,
but rather discovering which part of the "all" He has
given us to do and
doing all of THAT."
-Jill Briscoe

I don't know about you but my OCD personality needed that!

Chelley N said...

He is just so cute. Love his football hat!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Cassidy,
Wow, that is a very good quote. and
so very true.
I always told my kids it is a lie
that you can have it all.....because something will suffer, you have to make good choices based on what God's
teachings are...........because good is the enemy of best, and altho something is maybe not bad for you,
it just may not be God's best for you, so important to really figure out what it is He wants you to be doing.........great advice.......

Your lil one is such a cutie, and
I sure hear you about Fall.....we love it too....have already had our first pumpkin

Can't believe Cam was 6 mos. old already, Brooklyn will be 7 mos. on Oct. 4th, so they really aren't even a month apart........and you
look great, by the way............

So glad you came by the other day,
I will be answering that comment soon. lol It has been a busy week

Love and Blessings Hon

cassidy adams said...

Thank you ladies!:)