Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Weekend Run Down

The beginning of fall decor...
A PLL discussion dinner.
A sleepless Saturday morning.
A Birthday Party!
A visit with Uncle Brody, Knoxville, & Dolly wood.
A couple of "firsts"...

So...I don't have any visual record of Friday except for belly sleeping and Cambini's festive ghostly p.j.'s, BUT just take my word.  Our house is pretty festive (more on that in another post) AND we all solved Rosewood's problems as well as mutually agreed Ezra CANNOT totally be "A."

Belly sleeping Twins!

Fast forward to Saturday morning.  

Yes, this would be Mommy and Cam up at approximately 5 am.  Cam decided we had enough rest...and it was time to get up for our very important day.

{Ghost Pajamas}

So.  We played with Snoopy & the teething rings a bit.

{Boppy Cover}

Caught some Saturday morning cartoons.
<LOVE Baby TV: Channel 293 on Direct TV>
And then Cam opted to finish his beauty sleep at about 8am.
Mommy?  Not so much.

{Life Is Good Stud Muffin Shirt}

On to a birthday party!
Cam met his cousins Parklyn & Bentley!
Too much cuteness going on here, right??;)

Then it was off to visit my brother, Brody, in Knoxville...

Thank goodness for Starbucks!
Always there to give tired mommies a midday boost to mask early morning starts!

Cam loved watching Uncle Bro play the guitar...looks like Uncle Brody already has a fan club and maybe a future guitarist to train?

Anyone who knows me, knows my obsession with cheetah print.  So needless to say I kinda fell in love with these at Dick's Sporting Goods...had to share!

Also while we were at Dick's, "C" decided next summer will consist of family kayaking adventures...but I'm leaning more towards this paddle board.

Next, The Mr. met us to join in on the fun and get ready for Dollywood.
We did a little more loafing around Knoxville and then headed to the Red Lobster before we said our goodbyes to Brody.

This was the first time Cam has spent the night in the Knoxville Condo...
where we spent several nights after going to the baby doctor to get a glimpse of him!
Pretty surreal...
Better yet... he slept all night without a peep!

Sunday morning, we made our way to Dollywood
for some family fun...

Our Dollywood Crowd! 

{Puma Outfit, similar}

Cam strolled around, looked at the water fountains & animals, seen the train, and slept...
Maybe this is why we didn't get any sleep Sunday night?
Food for thought.

But he did stay awake long enough to accomplish another first!
His first ride...the carousel!

Sister Fun:)

Man I have dark circles under my eyes...
BUT hey Cam looks well rested!

And that completes Cam's first trip to Dollywood,
and BB, Joe-Daddy, Lolli & Pop's 1st Grandparents Day...

View on ride home

WOW.  We had a busy weekend y'all!
I'm exhausted just thinking about it!
But ya know...I do agree with the saying, "You can sleep when your dead."
Especially when you have a 5 month old to entertain!

Hope everyone is having a great week!
Come back for a little fall cheer tomorrow;)
Chelley N said...

You had a crazy busy weekend! Baby Cam is so adorable.