Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Five Months

A Few Of My Favorite Things:  My snoopy, blankets in my face, my MAM passy's, sticking ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in my mouth, playing peek-a-boo, 
Not so favorite...the EVIL carseat, being laid down AT ALL, life jackets

Milestones: 1st swim in the pool, 1st "push up," 1st football game, 1st taste of veggies/fruit, 1st stroller ride while mommy jogs, 1st trip to Dollywood (coming this Sunday), 1st partial night in the bassinet
My face: I am laughing (though it's a trick I like to conceal)
My eyes: Huge Blue eyes with tons of eyelashes that don't miss a thing!
My hair:  Growing like a weed!  Gonna be just as thick as mommy & daddy's!
My hands:  I enjoy sticking anything I can get a hold of into my mouth!
My feet:  I have learned to pitch a fit with my feet too!  I just kick really hard and EVERYONE knows how mad I am!  I also have learned I can grab my feet & play with them.
Music: "Ho Hey" by Lennon & Maisy from Nashville.  This song has been AH-MAY-ZING this month.  He literally starts crying every time it ends!

Best Part of Month(s):  We are really enjoying evenings when we cook supper, jog, and have a nice warm bathtime with music and then go jump in the bed to snuggle the rest of the night;)

Worst Part of Month:  Cam had a little viral episode (and the veggies may have also contributed to his belly discomfort) causing him to not feel so hot for a few days.  
My favorite products: Snoopy, Raffi music, Boppy, Baby Bullet, Etsy's velcro ties, Baby Converse, organic baby blankets

 & Cam