Tuesday, September 3, 2013

And We'rrrreee Back!

11 mornings of rising and shining before the sun,
Several sick Baby Cam nights...
30 + clients and 1000ish miles later...
and I am back at my own nursing home!

Talk about appreciation for your job after
seeing how tough your work environment can be!
God has really blessed me and I can see now he knew just where
to put me for my first job.

To catch up!
On to the week(s)/weekend(s) run down...
Prepare to watch Cam grow before your very eyes...

Since I last posted...

Cam hung out with some of his adorable gal friends!

{Duck Robe, similar} {Straws}

Got up early on a Saturday morning to shoot some family photos and meet a couple of friends for a yummy meal and catching up after a busy summer! ;)

{Dress} {Tie} {Necklace/Earrings} {Bracelets, Express}

We also popped into the cutest little coffee shop, "Tribal Ground Blends" in Cherokee, NC after pictures.  Great coffee if your in the area:)

This past weekend Cam attended his first football game!
Momentous for his dad, who of course had to work:(
He seemed to have fun, except when loud music streamed through the speakers...
then he was the not so happy Camster...

{First Black Knight Shirt, Mountain Memories-Local Shop}

Then Saturday, he battled a little sickness:/  
We just stayed in and cuddled and got a little house work done...
and maybe caught up with ABC Family's "The Vineyard" <guilty>
I get sucked in to the worst shows!

{Boppy Cover} {Blanket, Handmade by our Aunt Karen:)}

Ahhhh, it's good to be back!
Cam's 5 Month post tomorrow.
Hope you all are having a great week...