Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wifi Returns & So Do I + Tales In Between

Where to start?  The madness that is teething (okay, maybe he’s just spoiled rotten & feels it’s best when I'm holding him all evening) + "Lala’s" internet has been out for almost t h r e e weeks that has had me deserting my little corner on the web lately.  But now both boys are (alas) SLEEPING & I have a spare minute or two to catch up!  Let's pretend my absence never happened...

So much has happened that I really don’t know where to begin.  So prepare for the rambles.  #ifyouhatehashtagsimsorry

This little family is officially HOUSE HUNTING.  I think the hubs & I send each other at least 10 houses a day (when I have internet) & my inner interior designer is in her element.  Pure excitement:)  <And we throw visits to the zoo in between looking to entertain the tinies>   

Cam is THREE.  T H R E E.  I have a way over due three-nager update & a few pictures from his “Wobot” (Robot) Party to follow.
Conley’s first Easter was perfect.  To kick off the festivities, we went to our church’s annual Easter egg hunt.  Complete with the crucifixion/resurrection story, Easter bunny, & Easter egg hunting with (my favorite secular part of the holiday) matching Easter shirts & baskets.  Why am I obsessed with making them twins??  And there’s also face painting.  Cam requested a (wait for it)... shark.  Every Easter baby needs a shark painted on their face.  Right?  Laughing.

I had to drag their matching pj booties out of the bed Easter morning to attend the Sonrise service- this was definitely a day that I was thankful Conley tends to be a morning baby.  Before we went, they found their Easter baskets on the staircase.  Cam sat them out the night before.  The Easter bunny was pretty low key after Cam’s big birthday party.  Iron man, Snoopy, Candy (may or may not have eat his chocolate), & books.  Smile for the Easter Bunny picture next year Cam, all I’m s a y i n'…
It’s hard to describe what that little Sonrise service in your sweats & ponytail will do for you early Easter morn- but there is such a sweet spirit that I feel each and every year I’m blessed to attend.  He is risen, indeed.  The boys were so good! 

It’s a good thing I had their pictures made in Easter outfits before the actual big day, because…you can f o r g e t a kodak moment when you are to be all over God’s creation in 10 hours or less with two tiny tinys.  Especially when you make a 5 month old wear suspenders a n d a bow tie.  And let's not even attempt to discuss a three year old in them.  #thatbellytho #forgetitmomma
I got glasses.  I’ve not had contacts in about a year.  Turns out my eyes are too dry right now & I had to spend THIRTY bucks on a bunch of eye products for a regimen to gain more tears.  So that’s why I don’t cry anymore…KIDDING;)  

I picked my glasses out in a whopping 1 minute span of time.  Cam was snatching every pair in sight prepping for Operation Climb the glass case & Conley was o-v-e-r O V E R waiting on me so it was wam bam thank you mam outta there kinda choice!  Thankfully, someHOW...I l o v e my glasses.  Everything I wanted, actually.  H o w e v e r, last week a lady at church asked me, “What’s with the glasses??” as if to say- are you seriously wearing those on your face right now?  Alright, then.

In other news, Conley is rolling over, sitting up when you support his hips, & trying out oatmeal once a day.  I actually just gave him his first "real food" with a few spoonfuls of carrots t o d a y.  He's just not a fan.  He would rather nurse than anything, but we'll get the hang of it!  How is it already time for all of this big boy stuff?!  Five month update to follow (I know you are really on your toes for that one;)  hehehe
If I could freeze my life right now, I totally would.  Mom’s out there…  Ever get the feeling these are the days you will relive in your head for the rest of your life?  Sure, it’s crazy.  Sure, it’s hectic.  Sure, it’s even survival mode at times.  But it’s become my most obvious purpose.  My most obvious reason. And I will happily continue writing out the pages of my little story for as long as I have breath-& wireless internet;) 
Chelley N said...

Let's see a pic of the glasses! Lol . . . some people really say unbelievable things!

The boys are adorbs as always and getting sooooo big.

Cassidy Adams said...

Thank you Chelley! You can kind of see the glasses in that last pic;) LOL I hope your babies are doing well!