Thursday, April 28, 2016

Cam the 3 Year Old

Age:  3 YEARS
Stats: 51 lbs <AND I still carry him...>
Clothes: 5T or size 5/6 boys

                                                we are a picky eater this year.  
        Candy.  Croutons.  French Fries. "Ketch." bread. and Pizza.  in that order:/ HEELLPP!
                                         *He does love fruit though <<winning>>

        cognitive/play development
we can practically count to ten & say our abc's.  i think he's color blind- joking...but we haven't quite mastered colors yet despite our constant drills.  we have an a m a z i n g vocabulary over here.  I mean he says awkward, adorable, & "my nerves are killing me" (wonder who he heard that from #momoftheyear).  big brother can grasp markers, pens, & pencils.  we are finally what I would call potty trained & paci free.  

robots, juice & "frite" (sprite), match box cars, superheros, being outside, watching his shows, the iPad or iPhone:/, eating junk food, his Chewbacca doll & teepee, spiders, Ony, jumping on the trampoline, croutons, hiding seek, stickers, "playing with the kids", going to the cabin & NanaPops, "Cond-ley", Knoxville, Hobby Lobby, Red Lobster, playgrounds, bible school (aka sunday school). Target ( I may or may not have created that monster...) chocolate coffee (choc. milk)

monsters, "girl stuff," bugs, Ony (okay it's a love/hate), "Cond-ley" crying, missing his daddy, being aggravated or teased, when grown ups act a fool, leaving anywhere...almost to the point where I'd just rather stay home than fight him to leave where we are going!

that's impossible!
awkward...(& I s w e a r, he always uses it perfectly)
40 dollars
40 days
40 minutes

My "little" Cam.  The little boy that made me a mommy.  It's hard to put into words what these three years with you have been like.  First of all, I blinked & your almost as big as I am.  My brain just can't ever process how quickly the time has passed.  The days when it was just the two of us loafing around while we waited for daddy to have a day off & play with us are a blur.  I am pretty sure I have learned more about myself & the world during your time on earth, than ever before.   You have taught me way more than I could ever teach you.  Your passion for life & adventure is contagious.  Your smile is contagious.  Your laugh.  The sparkle in your eyes.  The way you go at everything with all your heart.  It's Everything!  You are everything a little boy should be...brave, loving, forgiving, adventurous, mischievous & tough.  Your sense of humor comes straight from your daddy.  Watch out for that temper when you get angry.  You are learning to share & take care of your puppy Ony.  You still love to cuddle & for that I am forever grateful.  You are learning to earn your own money, & how to work your manners.  Somedays you nail it- while others I wonder where my little big eyed sweet loving boy went!  Lol.  I could go on all day, but I'll spare you.  I guess what I'm trying to say is:  Life would be DULL without your spunk.  Don't ever change, you are perfect<3

3 year photo dump