Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Robot Party || Cam is THREE!

At three, Cam was basically able to tell me exactly what kind of party he'd like to have.  In true "threenager" style, he requested the most random thing he could think of: 
 I want a "wobot party, Mom!"  
At first, you know what I'm thinking...robot??  How in the w o r l d are we going to have a robot party??  And THEN.  Then I remembered that 9 letter word we women reference at least 56 times a day--P I N T E R E S T.  And let's just say the rest was history:)

To make the robots, we used tin cans, variety of different sized cardboard boxes, dryer vent for arms, styrofoam discs for hands, spray paint lids for the eyes, and as for the details...just went into Hobby Lobby with a creative eye!  We also attempted twinkle lights, but that was a headache!  Cool idea...but in the end, not worth the hassle!
**I did not take ANY of these pictures.  How pathetic am I?  I especially hate we didn't get a family picture...I was t o t a l l y swamped in the party...but thankful that BB & KK snapped a few pictures to share!  

For entertainment, we had a "Build a Bot" station <Mini bots made from candy boxes and toliet paper rolls- decorate with foam stickers>, Robot PiƱata, & a robot arm work station <"Snappers" from Target with two baskets full of mini balls>.  

For favors, we had robot boxes with Pop Rocks, mini robot arms, a slinky, finger robot puppet, & robot stickers!  

For food, we had ham & cheese sliders (space ships) with chips (microchips), pizza dip (cell dip) with crackers, and meat balls(bolts), blue punch (jet fuel), (Droid Cakes) Cupcakes & ice cream (future freeze).

I'm spelling this ALL out, because no one else on Pinterest (that I found anyway) did!  It's fun to be creative, but when you're a busy mom...sometimes it'd be nice to not have to plan every detail-so here you go:)

Cupcakes || Ella's Cupcakes
Plates, Napkins, Cups, Straws || Party City
Favor Boxes & Contents || Amazon & Dollar General
Robot Onesie || Mad Moon Clothing
Young, Wild, & Three Tee || Jack of None
Robot Labels || doodleprints

I'd like to end this post saying... It is possible that a little bit of spray paint & a glue gun could perhaps solve world problems.