Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Favorites || Spring Break Fun

Happy (or not so happy) Friday (from us Spring Breakers)!  These days, Thursday & Friday are my favorites...but I'll embrace the weekend just for you guys.  This week, (after a major boring conference Thursday & Friday--then working my b o o t y off on IEP's Monday & Tuesday) has been a m a z i n g.  Why can't we just go ahead & consider Spring Break time off for the entire season?;)  I digress...

We didn't do much (per say) for Spring Break, but took a few days off & went to Knoxville to house hunt, relax, play outside, & you know the saying "just get away."  It has pretty much been 80 degrees everyday-I mean we had to start seriously lathering the s u n s c r e e n up at the park today.  It's hard to believe it's already time for such pretty summery weather!

To better appreciate my enthusiasm for the end of this week...Conference looked a whole lot like this...
that's right.  the only bright spot of those two days was seeing one of my best friends (mainly while pumping in the bathroom stalls (LOL) & my decaf iced mocha.

Most memorable parts of the week:
1.  Cabin in the Woods:  My MIL's side of the family has started planning a big get together for the gals (and guys in my case) in Pigeon Forge every Spring  (this is the second annual trip).  We had a great time making memories with everyone...& I have to say, Cam so enjoyed playing "no tech" games with his cousins & sticking his big toe in the "hot tub." 
2.  Playing.  You don't have to be a threenager to appreciate a few days to "play!"  I'm telling you, we played till we can't play anymore.  We have been at the park practically every day soaking in all the Vitamin D we could get & we even snuck in a swim (Conley's first!) at the YMCA indoor pool:)  Cam has forgotten all about being a water dog...but that's okay.  I have a feeling it will come back to him soon.  Real soon.  Conley is ALL about the pool.  He l o v e d it, especially splashing.  I think he would have hung out there all day long!
Random side note *Cam is obsessed with the Handicapped swing.  How do you help a three year old understand it's purpose...

Conley's 1st Swim!
3.  Family:  I have a lot of family in Knoxville that I have never really had the opportunity to be around a lot.  Our real estate agent is actually one of my cousins.  She was helping another cousin find a house the same day she was showing us houses, & it so happened that we all ended up meeting for lunch one evening.  It was so nice to spend time with them (& at the most adorable tea party like restaurant snuggled away in the back of an antique shop- talk about a well kept secret)!  
4.  Establishing the "no" word & earning an allowance.  I'm ashamed to say "no" is not a word Cam hears often.  I want to give my babies the world, but at the same time, I can see it is creating somewhat of an ungrateful monster at times.  My Aunt Karen used to say, "It's a lot easier to say no than it is to say yes.  It r e a l l y take love to say no sometimes." The more I think about that, the more I understand what she meant.  

So.  I have been telling Cam "no."  He doesn't like it.  He thinks I'm mean.  He "tells" on mommy for not getting him a toy.  And I pretty much drag him kicking, screaming, & crying out of stores or places at times.  But, it is gradually getting easier. To compliment my mission for a more grateful hearted boy, I also started an allowance system this week.

  In order for Cam to buy or do something special- like ride a car at the mall or buy something he'd like-he has to do chores around the house to earn the money.  He cleaned up two rooms for me this week before we left for Knoxville & made 10 bucks.  I let him pick out a little Spider Man wallet- & he got to choose whether to save his money for something in the future...or purchase something during our trip this week.  Naturally, the money burnt a hole in his pocket & he chose a shark missile for the pool, but hey.  It's a start!  He had to completely buy what he chose separate from me.  He was shy with the cashier & whole situation at first, but you could totally tell he felt 10 feet tall & about 55 years old making the purchase.  That boy.  He even has money left over to give in Sunday School which is another thing I'm going to try to work on.  I'll keep you posted;)  And please...I'd love to hear advice on this subject!  
5.  House Hunting:  You guys.  I am drooling over here at a budget worthy perfect location move in ready (did you get all that?) house we found this weekend.  Real estate is going like crazy right now as it is the season everyone is trying to make the move during the summer/no school months-so I'm pretty sure this one will be gone by the time we are ready to buy.  However, at the end of the day - I have complete peace in knowing God will provide the perfect one for us when the time is right.  It's all about trusting his plan--it's a lot harder to do than it is to say, though!
Lately, I have been so much more sensitive to seeing God's hand at work in my life.  I find it so much easier to smile & be at peace knowing He is with me & at work in not only my life & the people he brings into it, but in others.  He is answering prayers one by one...& I can't thank Him enough for what He has done for me!  
Thanks for stopping by & here's to a beautiful weekend<3