Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Conley Scout || 4 Months

Conley at FOUR months
fresh outta the tub {-} his usual Elvis do;)  & we forgot his lion!

Weight: 16-18 lbs lbs (total guess) 
Birth: 7 lbs 14 oz
You know that saying, "little boys should never be sent to bed, for they always wake up a day older?"  Well, I think I'm going to forbid Conley AND Cam both from E V E R going to bed again.  I don't think Mr. Conley would oblige...#waitamicrazy
whats new...

Conley wiggles his toes like nobody's business.  He is so very ticklish;}  He loves when you "naw his belly" or give him a raspberry, cooing & making spit bubbles, & looking at everything he can focus his big blue eyes on, cramming his fist in his mouth, staring at his hanging toys, laying on his side, balloons, sitting in the bumbo, hanging in the baby wrap with mommy, baths (yay!)
 when Cam decides his cars need to crash or "fight", sleeping alone, sitting in any kind of swing without entertainment (h e l l o people-just what do you think this is? ;) tamaflu medicine

play & cognitive development
Still a little lion OR a little lamb:)  Homeboy is passionate & k n o w s what he likes!  While he isn't really into grasping things with his hands right now, he can do it.  My dad says he is lazy (lol) which may be true...but he does love taking in his surroundings.  And ohhhhh the kicking & punching this one will do if he's laying free in the floor on a mat (that's been a thing this month!)  I've also noticed an extra interest in books with bright colors & of course his hanging toys on his play mat, carseat, & swings.  He can roll from his side to his belly but I have yet to see him go from back to belly (again, he may be a little more laid back than Cam! hehe).  He is a very stout little guy!  It wouldn't surprise me if he started sitting up tomorrow.  His head strength amazes me!  He can turn it any direction he pleases as he tracks things of interest.  He is all about his bumbo time these days:)  I am almost positive this little man is in the teething stages.  We are drooling e v e r y w h e r e & if he isn't eating & is alert-the fist is in the mouth.  He's not all about the paci right now-or teethers.  It's the fist.  

Conley still loves to nurse, but I have noticed he isn't nursing as long - just more frequently.  Today, as I write this, I am reliving the exhaustion I felt when he was first born!  Aye Aye Aye!  He also often uses it as a comfort thing, too.  I anticipate I will get the "go" to start  giving him oatmeal & rice mixed with breastmilk at his four month check up coming up this month-so I'm excited about seeing his little chubby cheeks get into that:)

If I could insert an emoji here, it would be a sleepy, flushed, wide eyed emoji!  Little brother is not ABOUT to go to sleep right now IF mommy isn't right there with him.  For months, I've pretty much been able to get him to sleep & do a little last minute things before I lay down for the night- (oh, you know-like taking a BATH) haha- but not anymore! <I promise I shower...just early in the am rather than pm)  Mommy must be glued to him all night!  I've definitely created this monster!  I can also definitely contribute it to tummy troubles.  This little boy has gas.  And it is r o t t o n.  Bless it's heart. 

four month photo dump

Conley Scout.  Your smile is contagious & you're cuddles to die for.  I have stared at you a lot this month wondering what God has planned for your little life.  Isn't it amazing to think that each baby in the world has a special purpose from our creator above?  I have great faith that you are going to be a mighty man.  You will touch many lives & radiate love.  I can tell from your smile:)  As your mother, this month I have really had a desire to know my own purpose.  I have always felt kinda useless & like I don't have one.  But you know what?  God showed me that my purpose is you & your brother.  Teaching you all I can about your Heavenly Father & his love so that you can one day discover & accomplish your own special purpose.  And that, I think, is the best purpose I could ever have.  
I love you to the moooooon annnnddd back, and up & back, & up & back...
Just ask Cam-you'll get it on this fun love one day soon;)