Saturday, April 30, 2016

Saturday Spill

Starting a new post I'd like to call "Saturday Spill."  Why?  

I'm glad you asked.

Because, I'm often too busy screening preschoolers speech sounds, scoping out pterodactyls on top of the grocery store, changing the bed sheets for the 1.6 billion time for the week, sprinting to the closest bathroom <infant car seat on arm> with a toddler shouting "pee!  pee! peeeeeee!" as soon as I get in line at the post office, all to end up falling over with a stinking ole' headache at the end of the evening to tackle my "High Five for Friday" posts.  Yes, these were JUST A FEW of the events of my day yesterday;)  Hehe.

So, instead of just pulling a Scarlet O'Hara & telling myself "I'll think about that tomorrow,"<<which I do A LOT>> when days like that happen... I'll have another option.  Because, one day- I fear my thoughts from yesterday won't be remembered & I just can't let that happen:)  

Here I am, spilling on this Saturday Morning about our world this week...
1.  Conley is sitting up!  I mean check out this tiny tiny in the bathtub!  He's a PRO;)  I can't believe //wonder how many times I have said that phrase on this blog// he is already doing this...& SO well at that.
2.  I'm coming to terms that my mom has morphed into a t o t a l cougar.  She can't go anywhere or watch anything without finding man candy.  She seriously knows everything there is to know about DWTS's Nyle Dimarco.  Then, there's the fact that she sent my sister & I a picture of a "Knight" that looked "JUST like Chris Hemsworth from a school field trip."  How does she even know who Chris Hemsworth is???  It's a little scary...will I too, go crazy when I am 53? <insert crying laugh emoji here>
3.  I think we are obsessed with the outdoors.  We just go brainstorming ways to stay outside when I'm not working.  I spent half of our grocery budget this week on a new pool for the boys.  I've got the fever for summer...Then again,  I wonder how obsessed I will be with snow, Halloween, & Pumpkin Spice Lattes by the end of May.  Cam & I may or may not have already been discussing our Halloween costumes this week.  I know.   
4.  Daddy comes home in a week from this TUESDAY!!!  We are SO excited:)
5.  We officially have passport pictures for Cam & Conley.  No one understands the process it took us to get this accomplished.  AND THEN they tell me I have to have the Mr. sign their passports as well before we can send them off.  I m i g h t have ran out into the traffic blindfolded had their pictures not been so darn cute.  Kidding-about the traffic, not their pictures;)
  And that's that!