Saturday, August 30, 2014

Saturday Morning Ramblings+Fall Cleaning

It's here!  One of the many reasons I love working in the school system.  I just survived my first week in the schools, and now I get to look forward to a long weekend with my little man!  (Having a 5 year old insist that he was 54 yesterday before I screened his hearing doesn't hurt either).

We're pretty busy this weekend, and we have so much that needs to be done at home!  Any of you feel that way?  I had originally planned to stay up last night and get a lot done, but I swear Cam and I were in the bed by 8pm.  My goal this morning is to sort through Cam's closet:(  This is a part of having babies that I have come to find can hurt a momma's heart.  Removing all their adorable little clothes you JUST bought, and replacing them with bigger sizes.  I'm coming to find that Cam's closet is almost empty!  I've got to save up some extra cash and make some time to go shopping soon...which isn't so bad I guess.   Plus... what a blessing to know he is growing and healthy.  Thank you, Lord! 

I figure a little cleaning everyday will be a good way to muck through our mess, and keep everything organized and neat for the upcoming cooler months.  Plus lighting a couple of pumpkin candles, and throwing up a fall decoration or two along the way won't hurt either;)

I found this printable on Pinterest to keep me focused on what I want to accomplish over the upcoming weeks.  The link can be found below;)

Free Printable here from

And if you have a little helper like mine...good luck to you!

Happy Fall Decorating and Cleaning
(and last weekend of Summer!)
German Zollinger said...

Wow! What an amazing list you got there. It has everything covered. I'm definitely using that as a pattern for my own cleaning list. Anyway, I can only imagine the experience of cleaning up the baby closet. It must have been a mix of wondrous emotions. Cam is just uber adorable, BTW. I hope both of you are in the best of health! Thanks for sharing!

German Zollinger @ Total Clean