Friday, August 1, 2014

Ready, Jet, Go!

Should you already be asking me what I forgot?  Probably.  But that will come later.  Our countdown to visit daddy ended yesterday!  I survived packing for two weeks, a security check, and two flights with a toddler.  And now, I am excited to say...we are ending our summer with a big bang in North Dakota with our favorite guy:)

I don't know how I survived, but I did.  Wait,  I do know, I prayed the whole time!  And I know I had all my little prayer warriors doing the same:)  Thank you all for lifting us up during our travels.  Cam's first flight will be very memorable to say the least.

See the Cheez-It residue? (insert cry laughing smiley here)

Thanks to my prayers, Cam slept both flights.  (Not the entire time, but half way through which was enough time for me to gain a second wind and brainstorm how to entertain him when he would wake again.)  God never ceases to amaze me when he answers my smallest plea!  

When he woke up it was often a circus, but it was interesting to see the depths I would go to get him distracted from chucking Snoopy or his paci at a passengers head.  I was surprised to find that nothing about the flights scared him.  He was cool as a cucumber during take off and landing.  And he didn't even find it cool to look out the window until mid second flight when he started waving "bye bye" to the other airplanes.  Then he became pretty fascinated.  And distraught when the airplanes flew away and he couldn't see them anymore.  That's what happens when we say "bye bye" to things baby...

Snoopy, why are these people looking at us like they don't wanna ride with us?

What Cam loved about flying: watching Snoopy go through security tunnel, waving to the airplanes that passed by (and wailing when they disappeared),  free pass to snacks and drinks, my frequent attempts to entertain him whatever the cost, reaching between the arm rests to get people to watch him, hanging upside down and looking at the other passengers, latching and unlatching the lap table to hear it slam, making finger and face prints on the window, and dropping things in the floor to watch me pick them up again.

What Mommy loved about flying: Cam's extra snuggleness when he napped and I could rest easy that the paci was intact, we were on the right flight, no poopy diapers had attacked, and we were proving the passengers who gave us dirty looks while waiting at the gates wrong!

Oh, and what did I forget?  My laptop during the security check in.  But, thankfully, they called my name to return when we first reached our gate.  Shwew!  Close call but I knew it would happen.

Our mission is complete!

I think we are really going to enjoy this trip.  Such a great opportunity to be together, have some down time to relax before starting the new job (and new schedule for Cam) in the fall.  Not to mention we found the most amazing park to go to during the day.  This should be fun;)

Chelley N said...

Gah! Cam is SO big (but as cute as ever!)

cassidy adams said...

Thank you Chelley! SO excited to see your post today;)