Friday, August 15, 2014

Adventures in the Nodak

Alternate Title: Nothing adventurous happens in North Dakota until WE come to visit

Our calm and tranquil trip to see the Mr in North Dakota came to an end yesterday.  Just as we had moped and prepared ourselves for our teary goodbye, we drove up to the airport about an hour away from our flight to find the airport declared practically a crime scene!  An employee spotted us trying to find a way in and explained the airport would be shut down until further notice d/t a substance that tested positive as an explosive...

Long story short.  We are still with the Mr, once again soaking up our last day.  The last I heard, the bomb scare was due to a passenger who went through security with a laptop that had wires exposed.  When security asked him to turn the laptop on, it would not turn on.  The passenger was reported to have been non compliant and arrested!  Read more about it here.

This person could have very well been on our flight...One of my worst nightmares could have came true yesterday.  All I can do is thank God from the bottom of my heart for looking after us.  I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.  I'm still a little scared about flying out of a place that just went through such a scare, so I would appreciate it if you all would remember to say a prayer for us as we prepare for another flight later this evening.

Soooo, since we had another day to spend with daddy all to ourselves, what did we do?  
Seized the day, that's what! :)

All those days of sitting in the apartment came to an end and we got to explore a little bit of Williston.  The Mr gave us a little tour of downtown, the Missouri River, the Lewis and Clark wildlife management area, and my personal favorite- Gramma Sharon's Family Restaurant where we finally got to enjoy a nice breakfast together just like our Saturday morning ones back home.  That may be one of the things I miss the most about Cade being gone...but I was so happy to get to squeeze that in with him before we have to part.  

After we stuffed our mouths, we went to the park.  Cam absolutely loved it, and had a blast (mom and dad did too).  And we may or may not have had a fellow playmate streak across the playground stark naked.  The poor mom chasing after him apologizing incessantly.  #lifemade

I am a little, okay a lot, heart sad, since today, we are leaving our favorite guy in the whole wide world.  And I swear if he sings Sam Smith's "Stay" one more time, I'm gonna put mayonnaise in his toothpaste tube!  Let's just rub a little more salt in the wound, shall we??

 I am so thankful for the wonderful two weeks we have spent together.  Now all that's left to do is bid farewell to summer, start this new job, and begin another daddy countdown.  God is good in every circumstance!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend;)

PS...If you are a fellow Peanuts lover, they are having an awesome sale on zulily today, lasting until Monday!  Loving this and THIS for Cam!
Chelley N said...

Ummmm, the airplane situation is super scary. Eeeeep! BUT, yay for an extra day with the hubby :-).

cassidy adams said...

YES it WAS! Yes, we were very excited! ;)