Wednesday, September 3, 2014

This Time Last Year

We were, as we are now, already itching for Fall!  I think the only cure is to decorate early and bring out the festiveness as soon as possible.  What's more festive this time of year than monsters and apple cider?  Nothing in my book.  So that's just what these past couple of days have called for.

And for your season has begun (Go Vols and Panthers!), the first day of fall is in 19 days, and you better have your Halloween costume ready to roll in a mere 57 days.  I'm not that crazy;)

When I started looking at these pictures from last year, I couldn't believe how much Cam has changed in one year.  It is unreal at the difference...

Ahhhhh, how I miss those baby rolls and that little critter sitting beside him.  But so blessed to have captured such a sweet moment in time to add to our memories!  These pictures, both then and now, are priceless.  Another year, another Monster book!  Or, errrr, monster onesie...;)  We are trekking through the Toddler years now, folks.  I've only heard about how much more interesting it gets from here on out.  Better stay tuned;)

Until next is your Pearl of Wisdom printable for the week!  This is dedicated to anyone around the world who is suffering persecution.  My heart is heavy and broken for the Christians and others, who are being killed in Jesus name.  May God forgive me for every complaining or feeling "bad" when such things are happening in our world.  Let's remember to lift these, our brothers and sisters in Christ, up every chance we get.  And pray for those who persecute them as well!

Wishing everyone a happy "Hump Day!"  Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day:)