Monday, August 25, 2014


Wow!  What a week!  
Let me just take the time to share that I love my job.  While it is just the first week, and I am very stressed at the moment... I am right where I always wanted to be as a speech therapist.  Aside from a stay at home mom, this is a dream mom job!  So praise the Lord on that note!
I've been very busy turning a storage-ish old bathroom closet into a speech classroom...this is what it looked like before I began.  After pictures might be able to tell where my stress has stemmed from?

As far as beginning a schedule again after summer fun?  Cam seems to be adjusting well as long as he long as he doesn't see me physically getting into the car to leave.  I am doing okay with going to work (I think because I can compare it to my past work in the nursing home) and feel so blessed to be in the schools.  I do dream about his cute little cheeks and toothy grin every time I go to and come home from work.  I am so excited to see him at the end of the day:)

We miss the Mr. terribly...but God has a plan!  

We have been busy working around the house as well.  My inner interior designer cannot be put to rest.  I finally made a little progress on the playroom side of our office.  I have to brag on my uncle.  I had a vision, we worked together...and here is the end project, just as I imagined!  He is amazing!  I  have about two more little details to add, but it looks so good!  Cam is in heaven when we walk in the room.  

And can we just stop, and breath in the upcoming fall weather?  I am crossing my fingers because the heat seems to follow me wherever I go!  We've decked our house out in fall to encourage this season to set up camp here in our neck of the woods:)  So expect a lot of fall posts coming in the future;)

Today's Pearl of Wisdom is for my little sister.  She just moved into the University of Tennessee last week and is pretty overwhelmed!  As any new college freshman should be!  Isn't God's word just where to go in such a situation?  It never fails us when we are overwhelmed!  Click here for your free printable.

I hope everyone had a great Monday;)