Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekend Tales + Popsicles

It's been a great weekend here in the Peace Garden State...whatever "Peace Garden" means!  Cam and I are all settled in and snug for a couple of laid back weeks with the Mr.  I can't complain about days filled with laziness because that never. ever. happens.  I cringe when I hear people say, "I'm bored," is a blessing to have time to be bored!  I'll not get on that soapbox:)

In our spare time, aside from our favorite activity of soaking up our evenings with daddy, we have been getting creative (or just dumping colored pencils all over the floor and putting them back in the box for a high five), hanging with Snoopy and his new friend from Minnesota, snacking on watermelon, and going on walks around the neighborhood.  I still haven't been brave enough to venture to the amazing park (about TWO miles away) because Cam often refuses to walk and demands to be carried.  I can carry him sporadically throughout the day, but not TWO miles!  We've tried...Here's to hoping we can find a cheap stroller soon!

We have also been on the lookout for some Christmas flicks;)  So far we have been lucky enough to catch Elf...making me so excited for the seasons ahead!  We may or may not have listened to some Christmas music while hanging around the apartment.... I'll leave the guessing up to you.

As we farewell to summer, I figured now would be the time to finally share our popsicle recipe that we pretty much lived on over the summer.  This is such a great, healthy, and COOL snack for those teething toddlers on hot, summer days.  And once you buy popsicle molds, let me just tell you...the recipe combinations are endless fun.  {We found our animal molds at Target at the beginning of the summer and it looks like they are no longer available, but the basic popsicle molds can be found just about anywhere!}

Happy Monday!