Friday, August 8, 2014

Picnic + Cam's Staycation Favorites

Happy Friday, everyone!  I'm looking forward to possibly getting to explore a little in North Dakota this weekend... What are your plans?  I have to say we are still enjoying our staycation, though I may attempt hauling Cam to the park with or without the stroller this next week just to get out in the sunshine a bit!  The patio is great, but I cannot leave this place without letting Cam enjoy that park a few days.  

Speaking of sunshine, we took advantage of that patio and freshly cut grass (no more dandelions, though he did stuff the head of one shredded dandy up my nose all the same) and had a fun-filled morning setting up shop outside for a picnic with some Halloween music, chalk, and toys.  We really enjoyed fact, Cam is knocked out at the moment after all the fun;)

Cam's Staycation Favorites
1.  Banging pots and pans together (especially during phone calls) and leaving a trail of them all over the living room
2.  Using the stick that doubles as security for the screen door as a guitar
3.  Spinning in circles
4.  Running behind the couch and unplugging all electronics
5.  Leaving a trail of cheerios all around the apartment
6.  Brushing his teeth (we brush them 103,456 times a day)
7.  Eating unhealthy amounts "na na's"
8.  Stuffing Dandelions up my nose.  I can't tell if he wants me to smell or I do both
9.  Dragging our clothes from the suitcase, all over the apartment (AFTER I organize them)  It's a daily routine.
10.  Requesting Coo Coo's all the time... aka "cookies."  Thanks for introducing him to oreos, dad!  
11.  Trying on every hat and shoe, or trying them on me.
12.  Pushing trashcans around the apartment.

Can any of you imagine a toddler doing such things?;)

And my personal favorite of the past few weeks?  The fact that Cambino is loving selfies.  
Now, I am not a fan...but when I get this reaction from him...cheeeeeeessssseeee!