Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer Jammin'

It's probably no secret that my baby loves music (i.e. guitar he carries everywhere).  Ever since I can remember, we have listened to music while we do things together.  Heck!  We barely turn the T.V. on when we have our music playing...

For bath time, we tend to pull up the closest holiday/season's Pandora station.  On the ride in the car, we listen to our favorite Sirius stations.  And while we are playing outdoors, we tend to listen to easy, fun, upbeat songs:)  So today, I thought we'd share our favorite Summer Playlist for those hot summer days!

They say listening to your favorite song is thought to cause your brain to release dopamine, a "feel-good" chemical.  It can release the same "reward circuits in the brain as food (no wonder Cam is a fan!) (Discovery).  I definitely can tell a difference when we listen to music during activities vs complete silence or the T.V blurring in the background.  Cam doesn't get frustrated as easily, and is less likely to start pitching a fit!  And I can never have enough random Cam dance parties!  Baby got moves;)

*Sorry in advance for all the Boyce Avenue:)

Here's to soaking up these last few days of summer rays:)