Tuesday, October 29, 2013

10 Fun Things To Do With Baby in the Fall

Some people have come up to me recently and said,
 "He's getting fun now, right?"
Darn right he's getting fun!
But-to my knowledge...he has always been fun!
Babies are not blobs.  They need stimulation.  Entertainment.  Excitement!

There is a thing us speech therapists call "world knowledge."  
This, as it's title implies, is how we learn words and the way the world around us works.
When we have world knowledge about things, we have experiences to relate to that bring words and concepts to life for kids.  

given that our babies around the age of 0-24 months are wired to learn from birth about the world around them, why not start having some fun NOW!  
I don't know about you, but I can't keep my little one from exploring!
He keeps me on my toes looking for new ways to entertain and create a learning environment.

10 Fun Things To Do With Your Baby in the Fall:

1.  Explore the Leaves!
I took Cam one evening after work and just plotted him down in a big pile of fresh crispy leaves.  I can't say he oozed with excitement to begin with...but once he realized I wasn't leaving-his hands went to work exploring one of the most famous icons of the fall season:)  Next year Cam...we are so jumping in a leaf pile.

2.  Halloween Home Cinema
Every few evenings, we cuddle and watch a Halloween movie together!  It's the perfect way to unwind and enjoy the season with a big bottle full of apple juice for baby.  And a big mug of hot apple cider for mommy!  A few of our favorites have been "Hocus Pocus," "The Nightmare Before Christmas," "Double Double Toil and Trouble," "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown," and "Monster Party." 

3.  Welcome the holiday in with a splash
I really don't know how this came about...but Cam and I are loving this idea.  We pull up the Pandora "Halloween Party" radio on my IPad, fill the tub full of bubbles, unleash Count Duck-u-la and Frankenduck, and splash around until the wrinkles come:)  

4.  Read some spooky bedtime stories:)
I love a good bedtime story before our Bible story...the holiday seasons make selecting the perfect read even easier!  I have lined Cam's bookshelves with our new Halloween collection, and given that Cam isn't in a monster mood...we enjoy a good spooky read most evenings:)

5.  Get creative and make your food your baby's food fun and festive!
Cam has just recently started enjoying table food...which...I have pretty much been waiting for this moment since before he was born!  I have had a complete BLAST brainstorming of cute festive ways to arrange our his food!  I mean...who wouldn't enjoy fruit all the more arranged as a friendly festive character?

6.  Paint fall-ish characters with leftover baby food!

I tried this out after seeing this on BABYTV.  This didn't work out quite the way I had hoped, but I can see it being a great idea when he gets a high chair and when he isn't as hungry as he was! (And when mommy is able to provide a thicker piece of paper)  I love that this activity allows babies to be creative and entertained, but the "paint" is safe should they want a taste.  Because, my Cam...he stuck his hands in his mouth FIRST thing.  

7.  Spookify the nursery...
Cam seems to love all of the new things we have added to his room for the Halloween season!  Check more of it out here.

8.  Pumpkin Patch
In case you forgot about our trip to the pumpkin patch and all of the things you can do with baby there, click here to return to that post!

9.  Attend a Fall Festival

The fall festival we attending two weeks ago was the perfect atmosphere for a baby.  Cam was completely into everything he seen.  I could tell he was taking in EVERYTHING.  The sights!  The sounds!  The smells!
We have one more fall festival coming up on the 30th at our church...can't wait to see how he responds to it:)

10.  Go Trick or Treating!
While our trick or treating will mostly consist of visiting family (and not so much of bumming candy)...I am SO excited to dress Cam, and myself up, I can barely wait!  This "Halloween to do" is mainly for the getting to FINALLY pick out an adorable costume for my baby from Pottery Barn Kids (aka the werewolf costume you see in the picture above!)  I have said I would do that for YEARS! Hehehe!

I wonder how many times I have said the word festive the past two months?
Oh well.  All I can say is you probably should get used to it because we still have Thanksgiving and Christmas to go! 

Mommies...have fun brainstorming things to do for your babies.

They are never too young to stimulate, entertain, or excite! :)