Wednesday, October 16, 2013

5 & 6 Month Favorites

Can you have too much fun reviewing baby products?

1.  Aden & Anais Sleep Sacks: These are great for when you begin letting your little one sleep alone in his/her crib!  I'm guilty...we are STILL working on this.  I have a challenging little one:)  Sure they are expensive...I only have one but keep it washed up for those nights when Cam does make it to his own room.  I can rest in peace knowing he's warm and wearing something that can't smother him!

2.  Bumbo: Sure, this has made my favorite list before.  It has earned it's spot again as a great transition when baby can sit up, but still needs support for long periods of time. I use this baby for Cam to sit in while I feed him, as I get ready, when he wants to watch what I'm doing, you name it!'s time for a high chair!  And I'm thinking this is the one.

3. Rattle socks:  Cam LOVES to play with his feet...and these little socks with rattles attached are pure entertainment!  Genius!

4.  Rubber Ducks: Who knew something so iconic and simple would become baby's favorite bath time friend?  Well it is definitely a favorite of Cam's!  These little guys create hours minutes of endless fun while mommy scrub a dub dubs!  He even enjoys teething on them outside of the bathtub!  Almost got me sayin' Sophie the Giraffe who??  I especially love these holiday editions found at our local dollar store!  Cam is currently splashing around with Frankenduck and Count-duck-ula.  Also had to share these adorable duckies by Boon.

5.  Colorful Jeans:  I'm a little obsessed with these colorful skinny jeans/pants/corduroys at BabyGap.  Can I just have one in every color?  I'm workin' on it lol... They are so stinkin' cute!

6.  Apple & Cinnamon Puffs:  The perfect fall snack for your little munchkin!  I could sniff them all day...

7.  Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder & Teether:  Okay...I want to personally thank whoever invented these.  Cam LOVES this thing.  This soothes him like nothing else and allow him to learn how to feed himself as well!  He happily naws on his frozen bananas in this thing for well over 20 minutes...But I will forewarn you: just go ahead and strip baby love down to the diaper, hand them this baby, and plan a bath directly after they are finished.  Your baby will love you for it:)

What are your favorite 5-6 month items?