Monday, October 7, 2013

The Big Boy & The Baby Bullet

Let's just say that Cam really likes food.
I mean...say "mmmmm" after every bite, kicks and screams
 when mommy isn't fast enough likes...LOVES!

He has been such an amazing eater from the very first bite.
So far...there isn't anything that he doesn't love.

Eating is a serious thing.

I feel like the Baby Bullet made our transition to soft solids a walk in the park!
As far as his experience with food anyway...
Now, it's not so easy to keep boiling and pureeing enough foods for
a baby-sorous rex appetite...
however, I love knowing that I am feeding him the 
very best wholesome foods possible!
(As I am trying to do for myself...but THAT'S another 
story to share on another day!)

Why Homemade?
It's fresh!  Wholesome!  Less expensive!  Not over processed!
Regular baby food has a shelf life of up to 3 years...
Now does that sound very healthy to you?

Even the organic labels and preservative free baby foods have a longer shelf life than the fresh made baby for thought!
As the baby bullet handbook puts fresh 
can your baby's food be if it can sit on a 
shelf for up to 3 years?

Let's get real.
NOW don't get me wrong...sometimes it just isn't possible
 to give your baby homemade baby food all the time.  
And I am no different as a working, sleep deprived mommy...
BUT I DO try to provide my baby with this fresh 
alternative as often as possible!
It just seems to work for us.

My favorite features of the Baby Bullet?
-The handy dandy handbook it comes with...this book gives a guide to introducing foods month by month...first year no no charts, name it!  Now does regular baby food come with that?
-The date dial on storage container for reminder when food expires.
-Easy to wash!
-It is adorable...that count's right??

The Handbook...

-Get extra bullet storage containers!
-Keep a few natural, organic, preservative free
 baby food options on hand should 
you feel too lazy, rushed, or have to travel!
-Use the handbooks!  I keep mine in my purse:)  
I always refer to it when I am grocery shopping!
-Make sure you keep out of baby's reach when you are preparing!
or this could happen...

P.S. We found our Baby Bullet at our beloved local Target!:)
Happy Monday everyone!