Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Two Weekends of Fall Fun

Just as I told you I would...
I have been busy cramming all the festive fall-ish fun I can
into our October weekends!

{Bib} {Hat}

The first weekend of October included Cam's first parade, homecoming game, picnic, scenic walk, and "Old Timer's Day" at Church!

Getting ready for parade with some favorite cousins:)

Nothin' says fall quite like homecoming football game festivities!

 Saturday, we went for a picnic on the beautiful Cherohala Skyway 
with Joe Daddy, BB, Aunt KK and fam.

This was the first day I officially seen fall color in our mountains!
AND got to drag out the ole sweats and bundle myself and the Camster up!
If only it would have been cold enough for a scarf and boggin' too...
But Brrrr NELLY was it cold up there!

Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures at church...
sometimes with a baby you tend to forget to capture EVERYTHING.
But I did catch this picture of the "after party!"  
Watching "Double Double Toil and Trouble!" with popcorn & Aunt C...
90's kids...Do you remember this movie??  :)

This past weekend we went to...yep.  You guessed it, Knoxville.
One...we needed to get out of town so the hubs could have ONE day off!
(I'm beginning to feel like a single mom!)
Two...we wanted to check out UT to find out more about their law school for Cade!
And ya know <ahem> hit up Baby Gap, Buy Buy Baby, and of course Target!

Friday night, we ate dinner at the SAME Red Lobster we went to a BAJILLION times while I was pregnant...with Cam in physical tow!  Guess it wasn't a pregnancy craving, just my favorite place to go!  #circleoflifemoment

Cam was quite a splash with the college girls on campus...they requested a picture with him within the first 20 minutes they seen him! #smh #rofl #littleflirt

(I think I may hang on to this picture as proof that Cam may WANT to seek mom's fashion advice and wear the outfits mom picks out for him in the future...)

{Hat, Buy Buy Baby} {Polo} {Converse}

This MELTS my heart!

Miss Cookie's first roadtrip!

I'd say we had a successful trip;)

Soak it all in!
Before we know it...We're gonna be throwing on our costumes and askin' people to smell our feet in return for something good to eat!