Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Haunting Your Home

I can't imagine a holiday coming and going without it making a mark on our home!
To me...there is nothing more "homey" than walking into a house decorated for the season!  
Here are some of my favorite ways to bring the holiday to life:

1.  Garland:  If you can't tell...a favorite touch of mine for decorating our home this year is felt ball garland.  I have a feeling you are going to see a lot of this year round in our home!

2.  Keep classic holiday movies playing:  (ya know "Hocus Pocus," "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown," "Casper," etc.) This just makes the season come to life and sets the mood:)  And FYI: ABC Family just launched their 13 Days of Halloween...just sayin!

Next year our little werewolf will live in that frame:)

3.  Place pumpkins EVERYWHERE!  No explanation needed...

4.  Fresh Flowers and Scented Candles!  No matter what season it is, fresh flowers and scented candles add to the seasonal scents:)  My favorite all year for fall is pumpkin spice!

5.  Chalk!  I LOVE that our chalk board is a center piece in our dining room that is always changing with the seasons...ya never know what your gonna see when you walk in our house!  

Some of the  best places to find reasonable priced holiday decor include: Target, Home Goods, The Dollar Store, and Etsy.  Pottery Barn is on the expensive side, but I do love all of their holiday decor-sometimes it's just a toss between whether you can wait for it to go on sale or HAVE to have it for the upcoming holiday!

Sometimes I struggle with how to balance fall and Halloween decorations because they really go hand in hand. It can be a challenge!

6.  Shelf Styling: I love that you can style shelves for each season...again it is a center piece that is always changing so it never gets boring!  For fall, throw up some fall-esque pictures with a few random fun fall pieces.

7.  Fall Barista Station:)  I like changing our coffee corner up with the seasons.  For Fall, switch up the monotonous cream and sugar by adding pumpkin spiced flavors, cinnamon, nutmeg, festive straws and seasonal trinkets!

And given that this is a blog that shares fun ideas for babies and kids, it's hard not to mention that "spookifying" your home will make an environment that will be fun, memorable, and special to your kids for years to come!

I know that helping my mom decorate for the holidays are some of my fondest childhood memories...let the whole family get involved with planning how to spook up the home place!

I may have a future Clark Griswold on my hands...who knows?

So what ways do YOU and your family haunt your home for this spooky holiday?:)