Thursday, October 24, 2013

Enter Cam's Spooky Nursery If You Dare!

You've seen the house,
now Cam wants to show you his "spookified" nursery!
There you'll find haunted pumpkins, spooky skeletons, spiders, webs,
a collection of eery bedtime stories, and a few friendly ghosts that we invited to stay around through the end of October:)
Enter if you dare...

This werewolf will come to life next Thursday:)

Here we have been reading our new collection of Halloween stories any chance we get! 

I absolutely love art work by kids...they are the best pieces!
Cam's little friend Cassie created the spooky masterpiece displayed above:)

This little guy stands watch on the changing table.

Nothing wards off a ghost like a cozy blanket shield!

Gotta throw in the Snoop!

Just wait til' Christmas!;)  I started planning for that LAST YEAR!