Friday, November 1, 2013

A First Halloween

Happy Holidays November 1st to everyone!
November to December is my ABSOLUTE favorite time of year...
I wait for these two months impatiently year round!

But before we begin the holiday fun...
lets wrap up Halloween:)

Let me just start by saying that it was THE perfect day for Halloween.
Gray overcast skies, brisk winds, and leaves blowing everywhere!
It could have been colder but hey... Can't have it all!
It was most definitely a day I will never forget,
but it wasn't all I had cracked it up to be!
Go figure...

I had no regrets for going into work late for our Spooky Breakfast celebration. 
It was the perfect way to wake up to Cam's first Halloween!

After C read "The Night Before Halloween," to Cam...
we had a huge spread fit to feed an army of monsters, including boo-berry muffins, creepy cakes, freaky fruit, biscuits and the grave, ghost stakes, jeepers juice...
you name it!  
(A special shout out to the Mr. for getting up at 8am to help prepare the meal!  
He kinda hates me right now...)

Count Fruit-ula aka Cam's Breakfast

While we stuffed our bellies full (yes, including Cam) we tuned
into Good Morning America and Live with Kelly and Michael's Halloween specials.
They didn't disappoint.  Kelly pulled off Miley Cyrus like nobody's business!

After our breakfast it was off to work for mommy for ANOTHER Halloween celebration and geriatric therapy "holi-dized" by yours truly;)

I really think we should have began Trick-or-Treating, oh I don't know...
IMMEDIATELY after breakfast? 

Cam was NOT having it.
Halloween was beginning to turn into Howl-o-ween for this wolf.

Everytime we got back into the car and strapped this little
pup into his carseat, and removed his werewolf head to cool him down...
the howling began.

When the little wolf howls, mommy red riding hood's heart hurts.
Making for a pretty miserable trapes through rain to the rest of the houses
we visited. 

C & Lolli tagged along as "A" and Ali from "Pretty Little Liars

All in all...
I can say that we have sweet pictures and funny memories 
to look back on Cam's first Halloween.  
Next year however...we will be boycotting carseat trick or treating!
And "daddy"...
don't even THINK of working next year!  
I'm already brainstorming our family costumes;)
  No more carseat, daddy-less Halloweens for us!  
Arent we so blessed to be able to have such fun?

Happy weekend!