Thursday, July 14, 2016

Conley Scout || 8 Months

Weight: X lbs X oz. lbs
Birth: 7 lbs 14 oz
Width:  X inches
No doc appt this updates!

Let's just face the facts.  I am horrible at being on time with my children's monthly updates.  But here I am at 11:08 pm typing away, even if it feels like ripping off a toenail tomorrow morning when my alarm goes off to rise & shine for work.  My blog will be updated...priorities, right?  Gotta give myself credit for this one (eye rolling myself right now)

My little Conley.  Where to begin?  His personality has arrived in month eight like never before.  He knows just how to get exactly what he wants, & he's not afraid to do it.  He is o b s e s s e d with Cam.  All he wants to say is dada & he has the best gummy smile of all time simply because he's full of it.  When he gets excited he makes this AH sound that is similar to a duck quack.  He slaps his hand down & beats his high chair when he thinks something is r e a l l y tasting good.  And if little brother is in a good mood?  He will have his little tongue stuck out waiting for you to do anything (were talking give a dog a treat) to set off his giggle box.

whats new...

water, being tickled (he is SO ticklish), smiling, being in someones arms toted around to look at everything, hanging upside down, flirting with girls till they hold him, laughing, sticking his tongue out, eating, riding in the car, splashing, gumming on paper, puppies, being outside

sitting down to play by himself, getting his hair washed, when Cam tackles him or tries to rip his head off (who can blame the poor little fella?), life jackets, having to be still throughout the movie, pacifiers

play & cognitive development
Little brother is l a z y & totally content with being a mommy's boy.  He is all about mommy toting him everywhere.  So this limits a lot of the mobility he should be achieving at this time.  He is, however, getting tired of not being able to move around like his big brother.  Conley can sit like nobody's business.  From the sitting position, he can pretty much get in any other position he'd like including pulling up on things (though it can be a struggle for him).  He can, I guess you'd call it, army crawl, as he scoots around on his belly mad as a hornet.  We've been trying to teach him to wave.  He has mastered the little rascals he man woman haters club wave, but for a traditional wave-he pretty much just sticks his hand in the air and holds it there.  It won't be long before he will be talking away with big brother, running so fast I can't keep up, & getting into everything.  That's something I've learned this time around-enjoy & don't rush:)

He is a fan of food.  If you can't tell by his leg rolls, then maybe his triple chin will do it for you:)  Conley basically loves everything other than mashed potatoes.  And that's basically because he was foundered on them during the cruise.  He still likes to nurse.  The blue cape still makes those little legs kick but I think it's mainly a comfort kinda thing.  This little boy rarely culls anything!:)  Let's just hope that continues in the coming years!

He's sleeping good at night!  He fights all throughout the day but at night...he may not want to go at my scheduled time of 8:30 for him, but when he's out & I'm with him (form your opinion as you like:) he's good.  I do however have the occasional "where do you sleep?" comment when someone sees our sleeping arrangement.  But I always find a way!  During the day, I'm lucky if he takes a good 2 hour nap in the morning.  Occasionally he'll doze off for a VERY short evening nap-but very rarely.

eight month photo dump