Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Aruba, Jamacia, Ooooo I Wanna Take Ya...

to Cozumel, Grand Cayman, that's where we wanna goooo...

When you think back on your vacation & words like, "snot-neling" & "Donald Trunk" keep coming to the surface...I think it's safe to say you had a memorable time.  And oh the memories we made:)

I was a l i t t l e leary of taking two "babies" on a Carnival cruise when we started toying with the idea.  We initially wanted to go on a Disney cruise & somehow we discarded the idea & went with more familiar territory.  
Two under three, flying twice to get on & off a big boat, going out of country (having to purchase passports), for 7 days just made me a teeny bit nervous.  
Other than waiting in the Miami Heat (no pun intended) for what I'd sum up to be 3-4 hours with two babes before we could board the ship, I'd say everything exceeded my expectations.  Now I wouldn't get all crazy & call it a restful trip, but I would call it a good time together:)
We had two days at sea & three stops along the way...Jamaica, Grand Cayman, & Cozumel.    We got off the ship every time & did two excursions.  It's kind of hard with a three year old & 8 month old as most excursions require you to be at least 6.  So we opted for a sea turtle farm & a beach/shopping trip.  
Conley was all about any kind of water //give me the opportunity & this little 8 month body of mine will go head first diving into the pool, people//, while Cam was sure the Sharks ate bread NOT people, so they would just give him a high five.  Conley ate bananas & mashed potatoes the entire trip >>>he no longer wants to ever see a potato (without ketchup) again.  Cam was way more interested in the "slood" (flood) that happened while we were on the Grand Cayman Islands than the Sea Turtle Farm.  I swear he is going to be a meteorologist one day.
Cam loved Pina Coladas.  In fact, he guzzled one down in approximately 35 seconds jumped in the pool & threw up everywhere.  It was one of those, did that just happen what do we do kind of moments where you freak out.  So.  We slowly, discretely, creeped our way to the other end of the ship to pool.  Yep, it was nap time.  

Conley Scout is s p o i l e d rotten.  Little brother got to sit without a carseat the minute we left Atlanta until the minute we got back IN the car in Atlanta...why aren't you people holding me?? #aintnobodygottimeforthat
Cam refused to "snotnel" (snorkel) though he whined for "snotnel's" from day three of the trip on.  I could say snotnel 45,354 times & I'd still be laughing.  The things this little homeboy comes up with.  
Cam loved coming in the room after breakfast every morning to find a new towel animal & Conley loved tearing them up & shoving them down his throat.  Cam made it a mandatory ritual to go to the arcade after dinner every night, while Conley made it mandatory ritual that he was to be under his blue nursing cape at 9 pm every night during the shows.

Cam picked up every dead leaf he could find on our walk in Jamaica for me, while Conley tried to eat them.  Cam got a marionette (or puppet as he likes to think) in Cozumel that he named "Samuel"(after our puppet from bible school) & Conley got seven bananas & scored a few tastes of whip cream, french toast, & pancakes. #secondchildperks
  Little brother likes to eat.
Speaking of food...  Hello, chocolate lover's buffet.  I need to go on a fasting cleanse diet or whatever the routine is where you like don't eat food for a month...RIGHT.  That would happen right after Conley decides he can quit being obsessed with nursing like a newborn. :P
The Mr. got sunburned the FIRST day at sea.  I need some sun, he said.  I won't wear any sunscreen, he said.  It will be fun, he said...okay he didn't say THAT, but he thought it I'm sure.  #worstdecisionofalltime
See below: He also forgot his sunglasses aboard & wore his sisters while in Cozumel...
Yes, sunburns are terrible, but he didn't let a second go by without reminding everyone how pitiful his situation was.  a l l w e e k...he walked around like a 405 year old woman, rubbed his nipples constantly, peeling his skin off.  He glowed in the dark, guys!  Neon pink!  
 To love in sickness or in health.  To love in sickness or in health. 
I kid:)
In all honesty, I wish I could have listened to him complain more because the night before he had to leave I just laid in his lap & cried.  Let it out before the boys & I had to watch him get on the plane again for another five weeks or longer.  Okay, that's my sad spill-no more!  
As we were walking back to our terminal, Cam, my 45 lb three year old, asked me to carry him.  I pretty much have been lugging him around all week so why not max my bench press record in children & carry both at the same time?:)  It was worth it...
  Cam snugged in close to my chest & said, "You got your boys mom."  
Okay, I lost it for a second.  He looked at me & said, "Mommy.  Are you crying or laughing?"  He had little tears forming in his eyes as well.  I told him he made me smile & he pulled it together & said we will see Daddy tomorrow.  
I like the way he thinks:)
And here we are.  Another tomorrow.  8 hours of waiting at the airport,  1,243 jogs back & forth between the terminal seating & convenience shop yelling "Ready, set, go--I won'd!", learning the correct way to pronounce Donald "Trunk", & Cam asking me if my Real Simple magazine was God's holy word later.  We're here.
How have your summer vacations went?  Is it as hard for you to put into words as it is for me?  
Much love:)
Ashley S. said...

It looks like you had a great trip! It is so hard being away from Hubby, isn't it? I admire you. Hubby and are only apart for max a week and a half, but I hate it. Your boys are precious and Cam's words to you at the airport made me super teary. What a little sweetheart!

Cassidy Adams said...

Thank you, Ashley! It is, I know that's still hard too! I can't imagine military families:/ They're the ones to be admired! Thanks for reading;)