Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Spider The Elf

Let me just set the scene for you.  Its December 1, 2015 & it's time to pull out the elf for what is probably the first time Cam can remotely understand what is going on.  I've waited for this moment pretty much since Cam was born.  I've always envisioned my kids being **sooooo** excited to wake up & see that the Elf had came for a visit.

We opened the door after I claimed I heard a "knock" to find the cutest little way to introduce the elf I could find.  There he was.  Popping out of the box, addressed to Cam & Conley from the North Pole, with a little note for Cam wrapped snug in his arms.
"Look Cam!  Your Elf is here!!"
He was mesmerized alright.  All the way back inside the house as I heard little footsteps running away from the Elf scene.  What had I done wrong?  I had stared at him all morning after I got everything ready to go.  Nope.  Not gonna wake him up <<though I was dying to inside>> because I want him to be in a good mood for his Elf.

I brought the box inside & told him the Elf had a special note for him.  He grinned.  
Sigh of relief
"Come open it, Cam!  See what it says."
  "Okay..." he came closer & grabbed the note out of the elf's hand.  He handed it to me & kept a close eye on the little Elf & his package.  The note told Cam that he had made a special breakfast for him to eat while I read the book about his new little Elf.  Then we were off trying to find the breakfast.  We found it upstairs in our little coffee nook.
Reindeer donuts & green milk.  And right beside the breakfast laid the book that would explain to Cam what the Elf was about.
Cam listened & munched.  Conley hovered around in the Mamaroo Robot snoozing away.  He seemed to loosen up by the time the book asked for him to name his Elf.  He paused after I explained to him that he needed to name his Elf before he could start his job.  
"You can name it anything you want!"
P I D E R aka...Spider
Okay.  Spider it is.  
This is the kid that has recently screamed bloody murder every time he gets in the shower because he is afraid he will S E E a spider.  He begs to watch spider videos on youtube-- despite his random fear & here we are naming his Christmas Elf...Spider.
Two year olds!  Never. A. Dull. Moment.

Throughout the day I made mention that "Spider" was watching.  If you know us, you know I have been having some trouble with Cam's behavior lately.  He loves to throw toys.  Hit.  Run around in circles destroying everything in his path.  Scream.  Typical boy I suppose.  Has R E F U S E D to tell me that he needs to go to the bathroom since Conley has been born <<unless we are driving down the road in the middle of nowhere or in line at the grocery store to pay for food>>.  Ever so often he would say, "No Mom!  Don't tell Pider!"  "Just be happy-it's okay, Mom!"
Aye. Aye Aye.
We seen Spider's box in the trashcan & his little droopy eyes peered up at me with a rare seriousness seldom seen on his little face.  "Pider go to the North Pole, Mom?" 
Yeah, big brother boy.  You should be a little concerned!
<Insert crying smiley emoji here>

Soooooo.  I have to ask...How are the Elves going for you?  I'd love to hear;)