Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Little Boy Christmas Wish List 2015 + Elf Trauma

Happy December, y'all!!  
In light of the Christmas season, it's easy to feel overwhelmed.  I have one present purchased.  ONE.  

Our ELF & all the other Christmas decorations are in North Dakota (yes, of course I made sure we packed every THING Christmas).  I am having to really scale back this year & I'm actually a little excited about that idea.   I always stress myself out going over the top, especially with gifts.

I love the idea of of fashioning gifts after the gifts brought to Jesus.  You've probably already heard of this, but basically, you give three gifts: one “gold” gift, the big item they are longing for; one “myrrh” gift, which is for their body, such as clothing; and one “frankincense” gift, for their spiritual growth.  You can find a link with a more in depth explanation here.  I also like the four gift rule for giving: 1 thing they want, 1 thing they need, 1 thing they can wear, & 1 thing they can read.  

Now Cam.  Cam has more toys than the North Pole could possibly contain & Conley would be happy with a rockCam wants everything he sees on television from HO HO.  
Commercial breaks..."I need that from HO HO, MOM! I NEEEEEEEEEED IT!"  

He also always claims he wants monster trucks from HO HO every time he's asked.  Home boy has 45,463 monster trucks to his two year old name.  His dad & I may grab a couple of Blaze & The Monster Machine friends from "us," but here is what "HO HO" has on his list for our two little dudes...
one | two | three | four | five | six
Simplified but not too shabby, right?  

P.S.  Our elf arrived today.  <You think I would give up on it since it was in North Dakota? Nada>  In all of my effort & crazy excitement, when we checked to see "who knocked on the front door" --Cam shut the door in his face...
He did warm up to him after he found that he had made him an unhealthy breakfast of chocolate reindeer donuts & left a book to read.  No Name has officially been dubbed <<drumroll please>> S P I D E R.  More on this later...
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it starts today;)  WOO HOO!
Chelley N said...

I love the idea of just a few meaningful gifts. Our house is already so overrun with STUFF that the thought of another Christmas with tons of new stuff is overwhelming.

Cassidy Adams said...

We have more toys than we know what to do with!:/