Friday, December 11, 2015

H54F || Weeks of Christmas

I'm just gonna be honest y'all...  This post is probably gonna be short & sweet.  Keeping up with a blog & two little one's can be difficult, especially when they are both "on" all week.  Conley's all day errr day sleep habits have bittersweetly bid farewell & we're out of decaf coffee.  No it doesn't have caffeine but somehow it comforts me to know it's there in the morning to get me started...
T h i s is how we roll this's kinda like a constant cuddle so we're both a fan:)
and that's how I totally typed this post!
It also doesn't help that I lost my phone on Thanksgiving.  It practically disappeared into thin air...weirdest thing ever.   And when I blog, the majority of my pictures are taken on my iPhone.  Ahhhhhh!  Linking up on this hot Friday in December with Tiff from Bright on A BudgetCaitlin at Coffee with CaitlinDella at Della Devoted, Katie at Cup of Tea.

1.  Peaches & Pearls Christmas Challenge:  (I told you we had a new elf to join the oldest son's namesake) <insert crying smiley here>.  I am having an absolute b l a s t with our challenge this year.  But I do every I guess that's besides the point.  I think the best part about it is getting to look at everyone's picture each evening before hitting the sack.  Or the midnight nursing sessions.  It kinda feels like we are all sharing in making Christmas memories together!  Keep em' coming guys!:)
2.  Christmas Mug Swap: My mug swap partner (celeryandthecity) & I have gotten to know each other pretty much by browsing one another's instagram pics.  I have really enjoyed it!  The coolest thing is we both have female Golden Doodles & believe in watching Home Alone while munching on pizza & macaroni.  What are the odds?  Our long lost sister symptoms inspired my mug choice:)  Can't wait to see everyone else's fun Christmas mug swaps on IG in the upcoming days:)  Also...aside from procrastinating on ordering my Christmas cards until yesterday-I got the mug shipped off last week #boom #priorities
3.  Christmas Snackin':  I've always loved kettle corn.  And then came BOOM CHICKA POP.  One of my girlfriends brought me my first bag (Pumpkin Spice at that) to the hospital right after I had Conley.  And just like that I had a new favorite snack!  This is my favorite...White chocolate & Peppermint:)  I plan on stocking UP before the new MUST last into the next Christmas season or I may have withdrawals!
4.  Good 6 Week Post Partum Check-up: Soooo blessed & thankful to have a healthy baby & get a great check up.  I have the go for it to work out again so I am anxious to get a regimen going before I start back to work & find an excuse not to.  Already had a date with "Couch to 5k" at the track yesterday & today.  Feeling pumped;)  Not to mention working out gives me a reason to keep up my Christmas Oreo habit...What
First time at Dr. B's to meet everybody who cared for us along the way!:)
5.  We Met SANTA on Monday!  We went in the evening & the mall was practically deserted.  The perfect time to go see Santa with a nervous toddler to avoid the crowds!  Sweetest. thing. ever.  I about burst into tears when we walked up to Santa & Cam got so nervous that he got stuck on his words.  He was embarrassed at first but pulled himself out of it to attempt another whisper that he wanted Ho HO to bring him a "trampoline & monster trucks."  Precious, precious, precious!  And Conley slept.:)  
  Happy Friday, y'all!