Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas 2015

Just when you f i n a l l y feel (even if it's 70 degrees in December) like it's Christmas, it has to come to an end!  Does anyone else feel like standing back & saying "What the crap, 2015?  Where'd you go??"  I especially can't believe that Conley has already had t h r e e of his first holidays!!  He's only two months old!  Time, please start doing a better job of standing still.
Cade rolled into town last Monday morning & from that moment on, all has been right in the world.  Maybe not the sleepless nights or the fact that he has been "sick" the last week but, we are a family again.  And for Christmas, thats all I can ask for.
Christmas Eve was slow in the morning, hustle in the evening.  We continuously tracked HoHo throughout the day making sure we would be home in time so that he could deliver Cam his special requests of "mon-ser twucks & a trampoline. "  
About the trampoline.  Cam wasn't the easiest child to get down for the night (who am I kidding?  What kid is?)  We laid him down on the couch, turned on some "Octonauts" (his tv obsession this week) & slipped off to put together the trampoline.  In the rain.  At about somewhere between 12-2 am in the morning.  Yes.  We did.

I was so worried about the tiniest brother the entire time.  I really need a video monitor for times like this!  I sat the bassinet between my parents room & the basement stairs which I kept hot running up & down to check on him during "Santa's Workshop hours."  Little man didn't bat an eye.  He slept A L L NIGHT LONG!  I'm pretty sure he thought, what the heck!?  Mom's awake!  I can sleep all I want;)
As our luck would have it, we made it all the way to putting together the enclosure of the trampoline before a screw was knocked loose to a cap & the sprinkles turned into a hurricane like rain storm.  But h e y!  Santa had a trampoline assembled for Cam to see the next morning!

Christmas Morning was hilarious.  We had to hurry because we had to make it to our family's annual Mustache Christmas Breakfast by 9:30 & when you have 2 under 2... thats a task!  So Cade woke Cam up about 8am.  "Cam, do you remember who was supposed to come last night?  He stuffed his Kevin McCallister hair back into the pillow: "Noooo, I sared (scared)!"  He went back to the North Pole Cam!  Santa's not here...
"OKkkkkkkkk."  He jumped out of bed to investigate.  Beanbags.  Light Sabers.  Candy.  "Monser trucks."  It was all there.  And a sign pointing to the trampoline outside...

We finally pulled him away from all the excitement under the tree & convinced him to look for the trampoline.  He followed his little arrow to the back window to see if Ho Ho really brought the trampoline he had been asking for.  I was crazy girl excited and then...  He seen it.  No emotion, no nothing.  "It's big!  I want a wittle won!  It has wain on it."  Ultimate. Parent. Fail.  Or so it felt like at the time.
In the words of my Mr:  "You were so excited last year to give him his car...& he would have been just as happy with a bag of rocks.  This year, you were so excited about him seeing the trampoline a n d he could care less."  Oh, well.  Next year, well just see how he likes a bag of rocks...#notreally

The trampoline has become the star of the show lately.  After much encouragement, and many jumps with him on my hip-he l o v e s it.  We literally have to pry him off & he n e v e r comes back in the house without big crocodile tears.  We were jumping today & he looked up at the sky & said, "I love my trampoline, Thank you Ho Ho!  It's so fun!!"  Santa's life made.

And Conley?  Well, I think it's pretty safe to say he digs his bean bag;)  The light saber will be put back for a few years...Not such a bad first Christmas if you ask me!

All Santa & traditions set aside, this special time is for celebrating the birth of Jesus.  I've really tried to make sure that Cam understood that this year.  We made our bible stories about it throughout December & talked about it when we seen the manger scenes.  He loved shouting, "Happy Birthday, Jesus!" any chance he got.  And the best part we all three participated in our church's nativity in the Christmas play.  I was Mary, Conley was Baby Jesus, & Cam a sheep.  Cam spent much of his role as a sheep spinning in circles & hugging the donkey while stealing his snacks, but hey, what sheep near baby Jesus wouldn't be a little, um...excited?;)
I hope you all had a very Merry, special, Christmas with all your people this year:)
I know this little family did!