Monday, December 14, 2015

December Rambles+Elf Shenanigans

I drank 3 mugs of hot chocolate yesterday.  I can't pin point why I am insecure without a mug of something hot & sweet at my side, but the struggle is real.  As if Conley smiling & grinning all the time wasn't e n o u g h.  This little guy is happy, happy, happy & that smile & all sweet things are contagious.  Yes, that includes Christmas Oreos.  I'll stop.
Can we just discuss how fast December is flying by?  I always hate that my favorite month is always the one that is over before you have time to realize it's here.  Really trying to be present in each moment & savor the ages that my two are at.  And when Cade get's home- I've r e a l l y got to treasure that time.  Speaking of the Mr....

Our sixth anniversary was on Saturday.  We've spent two of the six anniversaries we've been blessed to celebrate actually together.  Yet, another reason I decided to move to North Dakota over the summer.  Praying that I'll have patience & completely trust what God has in store for our little family in the future while enjoying every season of our life.  I'm totally that girl that tries to take everything into my own hands & make it work & I never want to do that.  Nope, not gonna this time.   

Cam.  Homeboy is unconsciously chanting "I need that from Ho Ho" during the commercial breaks of Blaze & Paw Patrol.  It's kinda equivalent to those presidential ads already taking over adult television except I don't want a n y of that from HoHo...

Spider has been more of a hit this week.  I think it has something to do with Cam Newton.  He's been very excited to find them (he still has to be reminded to look) Thank the L O R D.  I often forget as they want full control of me until we all three fall asleep at night, so I always find myself scrambling something together before he realizes the next morning.  Let me tell you.  It is worth it:)  We are having a blast!  
He really loved the boat & "blue water";)  P.S. I swear he's still two!

As you may have already guessed (or heard), Cam regressed in potty training once Conley was born. We've been in a terrible hiatus ever since.  So naturally, we have the "Santa's watching" reminder & I loved this Elf idea for potty trainers!

This may have been the favorite.  *
Please excuse the cute crack.  He had just got out of tub & was fixing to dress for the day:)

Well, our dog literally just ran into the door running from the rainstorm outside #whenits70degreesindecember.  Time to go give her the 10,008th bath this week & start baking our Chrismtas cookies!
Happy Monday:)  11 Days Til' Christmas!