Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Mommy Sap+Elf Shenanigans

Ever been in the car at a drive-thru or at the stop light slamming the breaks constantly as you edge as close to the car in front of you just so you can soothe your screaming baby?  You know.  Kind of like when Jethro's driving Mr. Drysdale's Rolls-Royce when they first get to Beverly Hills?   Yep.  What do these people t h i n k?  You can't just stop the car with a baby on board!  They want to go!  They want to move!  You hear me.  <especially when the baby has thrush :( > It's been one of those weeks.  
Yes I'm serious Conley. 
A week I wouldn't trade for the world.  Somehow, someway the Lord just keeps me feeling "present" & continuously reflecting on how special this time of my life is.  I laugh way more than I cry which is something very different at my post partum sixth week after having Cam.  Speaking of that...I had my six week post partum check up yesterday.  My doctor asked if I had any depression or extreme crying episodes & I was able to happily smile & say nope!  What a blessing!  I really can't believe it with how emotional I was the first time around.  

Lots of prayers, lots of quiet moments when I have to stop & regroup, but I'm doing it.  With God's help, I'm happily conquering the best thing that's ever happened to me:)  My two boys.  Guess I'm just feeling sappy today...

Now.  On to the elf shenanigans.  I thought it'd be fun to document our mornings with Spider every week.  It's just too funny not to!  And if your not doing an elf yourself, you get in on a little bit of the fun too:)  So here it is.  A week with Spider + Cam.

Just a little inside story before we start.  Cam has a love hate relationship with "Spider."  At certain times of day he gets so excited talking about him, & other times...he's a little skeptical of the elf that told Ho Ho he wasn't picking up his toys or peeing in the potty as he should.  Who can blame the little guy?  Right?
Spider put bows on every cabinet in the kitchen.  When Cam seen them he started pulling them off <insert crying smily here>
Cam didn't like to see his toys in his undies...he didn't quite get the humor in this...LOL
Cam was WAY more distraught that Buzz was in the cabinet than he was to see Spider taped to the door...
Spider brought Cam & Conley some P.J.'s!  Cam's appropriately say "Professional Midnight Snacker."

You can't see it but Spider was zip lining on a candy cane to get away from Buzz again who was armed with tongs <one of Cam's favorite toys> or as Cam loves to call them "Snap Snaps."
And here Spider is this morning delivering my favorite (secular) Christmas book for kids.  I nearly knocked down 30 people to get to this book when I spotted it in Target!  Okay, maybe not but I totally would...jk jk:)

We also have another Elf (not the one in North Dakota) that has joined the family.  
Stay tuned, y'all:)
Happiest Hump Day to you & yours!