Thursday, November 26, 2015

Twas the Weekend Before Thanksgiving

Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving
When all through the house, not a creature was stirring
<Well, okay maybe Cam could be heard begging to watch PJ Masks>
Wait YES, Cam's little mouth

Conley was fed & swaddled with care,
in hopes that a long nights rest would finally be there...

I'll spare you & stop there;)   My ability to rhyme is just not on point tonight.  Have I mentioned how I LOVE this time of year?  Well, I DO!  It's just so magical & fun.  What a privilege we have here in America to take a few days to "press pause" on life so we can be present with the things in life that truly matter.  And so many memories that will last a lifetime are made during these days too. 

We might have made a few this weekend.  Of course... in between Cam sticking pens up his nose, pouring apple juice in empty glass vases, coloring the hardwood with highlighters, & completely refusing to be partially potty trained anymore.  Yea, that's all a whole other post in itself but I figured it deserved an honorable mention...
Friday we snuck on over to Knoxville's Pinnacle at Turkey Creek for their "Light Uptree lighting ceremony.  It was hard to resist with pictures in Santa's lap, real snow & reindeer.
Cam touched Santa's hand & sat in "the back of the sleigh" for pictures so I'd call that a partial success, right?  Maybe next year...& I'll share that gem of a photo when they are posted!

The elf said it.  "Kids don't cry when it comes to reindeer."  #elvesspeaktruth #allimsayin
The evening just seemed Christmassy.  We finally had chilly weather, sipped on mochas, & listened to Christmas music all evening long.  The boys were so sweet & snuggly.  With the chilly weather I tried to keep Conley in the warm stores while Cam braved the line with Lala to meet Hoho.  As we made our way back to the car Cam asked, "But where my toys??"  Ohhhh boy.  I guess seeing HoHo isn't very amusing for a two-nager if he isn't dishing out sacks of toys.
The rest of the weekend was pretty much spent indoor eating making cookies & such;)  

I've really had a struggle with getting Cam to eat anything other than "french fries ketch" or junk food lately.  SO thankful that at L E A S T fruit comes to the rescue when all else fails.  So much for mother of the year! <insert crying smiley face emoji here>
And with all the sickness I'm hearing about...this will probably be one of our last outings until everything dies down.  I really don't want a repeat of last Christmas OR my babies getting sick...
So thankful for you who read along:)
Wishing you & your family the sweetest Thanksgiving ever.

Jackie Belin said...

And you're from Tennessee! We live in Missouri now, but all three of my girls were born in Knoxville. We had businesses in PF and Gatlinburg and lived there 10 years. One of my besties owns Obligato in Bearden so I try to get back to Kville a few times a year.

Cassidy Adams said...

Hey Jackie! I am actually from Western North Carolina:) We would love to be in Knoxville within the next few years but prayerfully considering whats the next step for our family:) I've heard of Obligato! I'd love to go...what a small world!